Need damage control for your hair? Here’s an amazing product from L’Oréal you can use at home

April 26, 2016

Stretchmarks. Pigmentation. Damaged hair. We can probably all commisserate over these common mom/women conditions. While the first two are trickier to banish, the third can be a done deal, so if your hair is telling stories of blowdrying, bleaching, dyeing, ironing or sun exposure, then listen up. Which is what I did with my stylist Shelene of Tanaz, who is the only person aside from my eyebrow expert I will listen to, nod to and put my hair/brows in their respective hands.

So when Shelene told me I *needed* to try L’Oréal's Pro Fiber treatment, I wasn't going to say no to potentially softer and glossier-looking hair. Plus, I regularly highlight or colour my hair, and most times I don't use heat-protectant spray before I unleash my gHd on my hair.


What is L’Oréal Pro Fiber?

Called a "haircure" that restores damaged hair, Pro Fiber is a treatment that L’Oréal Professionnel spent 15 years researching and developing. It starts as an in-salon treatment, and is then "reactivated" when the shampoo, conditioner and booster treatments are used at home. This means that not only do you leave your salon with softer and healthier hair, but you can keep up the effect at home. 

For a more technical explanation, Pro-Fiber contains a positively-charged molecular complex, APTYL 100, which, when deposited on a negatively charged hair shaft, creates a neutral, healthier state for hair. The at-home shampoos and conditioners have negative ions that reinforce the bond of the positively charged APTYL 100 to the hair, increasing the effect. 

RECONSTRUCT concentrate

The three Pro Fiber ranges:

Revive: This range is great for normal to slightly damaged fine hair for a revived healthy look. Revive has a lemony fragrance with honey tones.

Restore:This is ideal for medium to thick damaged hair for a restored, smoothing effect. Restore has a spicy, floral fragrance of sandal milk.

Recover: Recover is good for those with very damaged thick to coarse hair to achieve a stronger look. Recover has a black vanilla fragrance.

My take

One always expects to leave a salon with amazing-looking and feeling hair, so after my treatment and cut, that was no big surprise. The real "test" is how hair feels a few weeks later once the treatment has worn off a bit.

By using this weekly though, my hair is still feeling pretty sensational and really soft. People are commenting that my hair is looking blonder, when in fact I think it's just looking healthier and shinier.

While I'm not a fan of admin and time-consuming hair/beauty processes, from start to finish the shampoo, condition and treatment routine takes about 13 minutes at home, which is very dealable with, plus it's all fuss-free.

If I could recommend one awesome thing to incorporate into your beauty routine, this would be it, especially with winter coming, when most of us don't always feel our best.


Prices and other need-to-knows

Shampoo 250ml: R240

Retail Masque 200ml: R330

Re-Charge Cure (6x20ml): R600


For more info, visit Tanaz or call them on 011 786 2976. You can also get info on the L'Oreal South Africa website.



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