Profiling moms: “My favourite products for my baby.. and the best advice I’m following”

June 3, 2016

I love learning from and being inspired by other moms, so I've kicked off with two new series, in which I ask pregnant and other moms their tips, best products, advice etc. 

This week, I feature Sheena Kretzmar, awesome woman, and mom to an adorable son who I would gladly babysit any day – and night.

Here Sheena answers my mom-related questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm a wife to a triathlete data geek, mother to the cutest 10 month old boy, business owner of The Social Local – a strategic social media consultancy, cat mom to Pixel and Mogz and blogger at

I am a total fantasy book nerd, but have switched to e-books so that I can take my library with me wherever I go. I would love to say I knit, do DIY and garden regularly, but the truth is I am absolutely useless with physical creativity so I try be creative with words and online stuff instead.


What is always in your handbag?

A powerbank charger, cherry Labelo, my beloved AnniKing clutch purse and a keyring that I've had with me since my 16th birthday.

What are the beauty products you’d take with you if there was a fire?

I love the new MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara


What are your nappy bag staples?

A spare tampon for me (you never know!), nappy bags, wet wipes with a resealable lid, two spare sets of clothes for the boy child. Because he's a boy, he will spot the messiest opportunity at any point in time.

What’s in your cubbyhole?

My ID book and car service logbook. Also hand sanitiser and spare take out serviettes.

What’s in your lunchbag regularly?

I am a huge fan of leftovers from last night's dinner, or a grilled cheese toastie as a back up. 


What’s always in your fridge?

Clover's gouda cheese, Woolies onion marmalade, cucumbers and full cream milk.

What are your favourite tips/products for making you look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep?

Hah! I gave up on trying to look like anything resembling a well rested mom before I even became a mom. But again, a girl can't go wrong with a good mascara and some lip colour. Anyone can pull that off.

What are your best parenting websites/resources?

I used to read every single mailer that came from What to Expect website, but as Aiden gets older I am less and less interested in the subtle guilt so many of these websites dish out to moms.

Now I try read as many local parent bloggers as I can because they're the real stories I'm interested in, and it helps me feel less bewildered with this whole parenting thing. "What, your son got massacred by mozzies too? Oh, good – let's drink a wine together in this no-judge zone. We're all good parents here!" is pretty much the title of my non existent parenting book that I will never, ever get around to writing.


What are the best baby products you couldn’t do without? 

I love so many things but resealable wet wipes are probably on the top of my list, closely followed by Sudocrem. For other baby essentials, you can see my full list here.

What’s the parenting advice you live by or like a lot, and what’s the advice you’ve been given but ignored?

Jon and I learned early on to listen to everything, but ignore what didn't work for us. We are avid adopters of the 'Whatever the f*ck works' parenting method.


If you'd like to be featured in either the pregnancy or mom series, please comment below, or email me here. I would love to feature you!!!!

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