Profiling moms: “My favourite products for my baby.. and the best advice I’m following”

June 15, 2016

I love learning from and being inspired by other moms, which is why I'm loving this new series, in which I ask moms about their best tips, best products, advice etc. 

This week, I'm featuring Elana Shaw, a high-school science teacher, and new'ish mom of Sam. Ilana has also just started a blog, A Shaw Thing, which you can find here.


What's always in your handbag?

My handbag is normally quite a mess. Right now I have a lipstick, calculator and red pen in it – cause you never know when you just might want to whip out the pen and start marking.

What are the beauty products you’d take with you if there was a fire?

Well if there was a real fire I would hopefully grab my baby before a wand of mascara but if I had to grab something it would be my Neutrogena face cream. I am totally not a beauty products person….seeing my last few snaps I should maybe invest in some. 

What are your nappy-bag staples?  

Pampers nappies and wipes (no other brand allows you to remove one wipe at a time…I have check this) bum cream, gripe water (this is vital for first few weeks…I think Sam is made up of half of gripe water), teething toys.


What’s in your cubbyhole?

A service book and a pair of lab glasses….no idea how the glasses got there. I should really take them back to school

What’s in your lunchbag regularly? 

Well I have recently started preparing proper lunch so roast veggies with goat's cheese is this week's lunch. I snack on dried fruit.


What are your favourite tips/products for making you look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep? 

I have no tips….I need help!

What’s always in your fridge?

Carrots for the husband. Kiri cheese for Sam and roast veggies for me.

What are your best parenting websites/resources? for anything about food and babies, and because Kate is hilarious.

What is the best parenting you've heard and followed?

Choose one person to listen and ask for advice as everyone on earth will want to give you you advice.

What's the parenting advice you've heard that you've ignored?

You should only breast feed….formula is from the devil. Ya, I ignored that hard.

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    Great interview! And thanks for the mention 😉

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    Ha Ha ha loved this

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