Moms – you need to see these emojis that brilliantly sum up motherhood

August 10, 2016

EmojiMom is something I never knew I *needed*, but now that I know about it, I really need AND want it. For the first time, there's an emoji app that expresses all things related to motherhood – from being dilated, to having breastfeeding woes, to going back to work. (1)

Available from iTunes for R37.99, the EmojiMom app gives you access to 250+ mom-themed emoji, from pregnancy, adoption and birth to infancy and onwards. New emoji are being added all the time, so install now to help share your parenting journey.

EmojiMom works similarly to other third-party keyboards. Simply press on the emoji you would like to send to copy it, and paste it into your messaging application. EmojiMom works in text conversations, Snapchat (chat), Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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Sarah Robinson, who co-founded the app with friends Natalie Ralston and Hannah Hudson, says the inspiration for the emoji came when she was texting other moms after a trying morning with her son. 

"I was getting ready for work — one of my first days back from maternity leave — and my baby peed all over my work outfit," said Sarah. "It was such a hilarious, frustrating, OK-I-might-break-down-and-cry kind of moment that I texted Hannah and Natalie about it and we all said, 'Seriously, there ought to be an emoji to describe this feeling.'"

Since there wasn't an app at the time, Sarah and her friends partnered with an illustrator, Lauren Burke, to create an emoji keyboard that would provide new moms with an honest portrayal of motherhood, to enable moms to have a great way to express what they're going through, via their cellphones. (1) (1)


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    Love them

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    Awesome love it!

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