The best skincare and other uses for Vaseline (I bet you didn’t know some of them)

August 17, 2016

Much like Gaviscon these days during my pregnancy, another thing you'll find dotted around my house is Vaseline, and I'm constantly grabbing it for dry-skin relief and protection. It's something I always remember having in my house growing up, and I'm pretty sure my parents grew up with it too.

At around R10 for the smallest tub, it's affordable too, and I'm going to share some brilliant uses for Vaseline that you might not have known (I was quite surprised to discover several hacks I'd never heard about).

Firstly, I need to start by saying that like many things (think Tupperware or Bach Rescue Remedy), there are alternatives and similar products. However, I'm often a fan of the original and the longest-standing product, and something like Vaseline Blueseal has been around for more than 140 years, and was the first petroleum jelly on the market.

This handy product works by locking in moisture to protect and help restore skin, and it's triple purified, which means it's 100% pure.

Here's why it's a skin saver in my home, why I've stocked up on it for my baby, and why it's known for having so many clever uses.

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For face and beauty

Allure magazine calls Vaseline a "multitasking miracle cream", and here's how you can use it:

Define lashes

Dab some Vaseline on your lashes for some amazing definition. You can follow up with mascara, or leave as is.

Moisturise lashes

A makeup artist from MAC recently suggested that I apply Vaseline to my lashes each night to moisturise them. Since I've started this, my lashes are looking fuller (much like when I condition my hair, I guess). While they sadly won't make them longer, your lashes will probably look better.

Tame brows

You don't need a brow gel if you have Vaseline. Simply dab some on your eyebrows, and shape them with your fingers, or use a brow brush.

Use it around the nose and lips if you have a cold

Hate the red nose and chapped look above your lip when you have a cold or battling with allergies? Apply some Vaseline for some comfort and recovery.

Moisturise lips

Chapped lips? Bring Vaseline to your soon-to-be luscious lips. It's also good for "priming" your lips before you apply lipstick, especially the matt variety.

Make a lip scrub

If you don't feel like buying one, make your own effective softening lip – or body – scrub by mixing some sugar with Vaseline (eight parts sugar to one part Vaseline is the recommended guideline).

Use it around your face if you’re dyeing your hair

I don't think I've ever had a tint or colour wash at my hairdresser where they haven't applied Vaseline around my face to prevent a new unwanted colour on my face too. If you're colouring at home, apply Vaseline to prevent streaking on your face.

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For body

Help soothe sunburn

This is something I didn't know – Vaseline is apparently an effective sunburn soother. Simply apply it on your affected areas.

Protect against nappy rash

Vaseline is pure enough to be used to prevent nappy rash. 

According to Vaseline, it is made with triple purified 100% pure petroleum jelly, and locks in moisture to treat and prevent chapped skin from nappy rash. Not only does it ensure that your baby’s skin retains its moisture, but it also keeps your baby’s sensitive skin feeling soft, smooth and protected.

Soothe cracked heels

Apply a generous amount of Vaseline to soften and treat dry or cracked heals. It's effective if you apply it and put socks on to "lock in" the Vaseline (and prevent it from going everywhere).

Soothe dry cuticles

Forget cuticle oils and creams – Vaseline does a brilliant job on its own at softening and easing dry/damaged cuticles.

Use it to prevent chafing

When I started running, I used Vaseline around my bra area to protect against chafing, and it did a good job for the shorter distances, and a good job on the longer distances if I was reapplying often.

There's a reason first-aid stations have tubs of Vaseline at the Comrades Marathon – it provides much-needed relief to areas of chafe such as under the arms, and in between thighs.

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Giveaway coming up!

In a few days' time, I'll be giving away a hamper of Vaseline products so that you can get soothed and protected, and your life rocked! Details coming up…

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Watch my video for some more Vaseline info:

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