Pregnant or wanting something amazing for someone who is? Then read about these treatments

August 22, 2016

Getting an indulgent massage at any time is good. Getting a massage while you're pregnant though is extra good, especially when you're feel heavier, more stretchmarked, and even fatigued.

Last week I had an incredible Mama Mio Pregnancy Massage at Aronia Spa in Houghton. You might know Mama Mio for their sensational range of pregnancy and anytime body bettering and pampering products. They also offer pregnancy treatments around the country, details of which you can find on the local Mama Mio page (prices depend on each spa).

Mama Mio spa menu


Aside from being very relaxing and pampering, which in itself is good enough reason to go for a Mamo Mio massage, the products used contain essentail fatty acids, which help to increase skin elasticity.

According to Mama Mio, EFAs, specifically Omega 3, 6 and 9, are at their lowest during pregnancy because the baby is using the mother’s Omegas as a food source to make their own healthy bodies. 

Omega deficiency has a direct effect on the elasticity of your skin, accelerating the ageing process, which is where Mamo Mio products and treatments come in.

Their pregnancy treatments also:

• Increase skin elasticity. 

• Calm irritated and stressed skin.

• Ease heavy legs, energise, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation 

• Ease itchy skin. 

• Release physical tension and discomfort in back and shoulders. 

• Release psychological and physiological tension through head massage.

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For more info, head to Poise Brands.

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