See how one brilliant mom dresses up and photographs her twins while they sleep

I'm always in awe of parents who do creative things with or for their kids, especially those that involve sleeping kids. I barely want to touch my kids when they're sleeping, but one Japanese mom Ayumi Ichi dresses up her two-year-old twins and puts them in fantastic scenes. You can find her Instagram account, Ayumiichi, here.

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  1. This is more than a little creepy. :-O

    They’re people, not plastic dolls, for Pete’s sake! Do they even know she does this?

    I hope so, at least (and that they’re okay with it), because I have to say, if I found out later in life that my mom used to do this to me when I was two, and I never knew, I would NOT be very happy with her.

    Maybe there’s the TINIEST part of me that acknowledges the cuteness of these pictures, but if so it’s VERY tiny indeed. 😉

    The rest of me is just sitting here with my mouth hanging open, shaking my head. :/

  2. Beautiful and so creative, I love it. I salute her for being so bold to even touch her babies whist they are sleeping.