Strobing: the next big hair trend

October 6, 2016

Do you ever feel you need a change to perk you up, or do you ever feel like a simple change like a new cut or even a fringe can take you from feeling like a drab mom to a fab mom?

I had this a few weeks ago, when, just before my baby was born, I headed to my place of feeling fab, Tanaz. My stylist Shelene took a close look at my hair, and i just heard an "oy" from her. I blame myself – I'd been splitting my hairs a lot, and doing stupid things like using a gHD without putting on heat-protectant product beforehand. I also hadn't been using any treatments, which is something my hair needs a lot. Based on her "oy", I knew a big change was coming my way, and just before the birth, it was brilliant timing.

Here's what my "I'm in need of a big change" before pics looked like:

image1 image3

As always, I leave everything in Shelene's hands, especially when she's always the first to try out new trends (eg babylights and Balayage, which I've had). She wanted to cut my hair shorter than I "approved", but I've been trying so long to grow it longer, and I'm not ready for another mom or below-the-shoulders cut.

Shelene mentioned she'd be doing strobing, also known as colour contouring, a new colour techinque.

According to Shelene, strobing started out as a make-up technique used to highlight features and illuminate the face and it does exactly the same for your hair. The technique is used on areas to be lifted by lighter shades that contrast with darker shades, which give an overall effect of more depth and variation in a subtle way. Strobing allows stylists to truly individualise colour, highlighting and toning specific to each individuals hair colour, face shape and skin tone.

"The technique creates focal points enhancing facial features, lighter shades are placed where light would naturally hit the face adding a glow to those areas, this draws attention to your best features, for example, lightening the hair around the temples, gives a lift to cheekbones and brightens the eyes," she explains.

"Strobing is similar to the Ballyage colour technique but has a natural gradual fade. The general rule is to use colour that is two shades darker or lighter than a clients' natural hair colour, creating a wave of light that makes your colour pop and gives locks a glossy highlighted look that frames your face.” 

The good news is that maintenance is less intensive with this hand painting colour method. It allows you to get away with longer periods between colour thanks to the use of wider strips of hair that are closer to your natural colour which results in a softer look which makes your regrowth more manageable.

This is especially great news for busy moms who might not have time to get to the salon often.

Yay to strobing and my new mom fro. 

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-8-05-43-pm screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-8-06-05-pm


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    LOVE your new look! a fringe suits you!

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