More hilarious parenting cartoons worth following and reading

If there's one thing that's needed to get through parenting fairly happily, it's a sense of humour. Along the way I've featured hilarious parentig cartoons that one can easily relate to and find humour in, and last month I wrote about cartoonist and mom of two Adrienne Hedger and her parenting cartoons, "Hedger Humor".

Here are some other great ones:

Fowl Language Comics

homework super-parent

Bonnie Kimmerly

eyerub will-it-fall

Crappy Pictures


How To Be A Dad


Unearthed Comics

unearthed-everycarride-1609-1-01-web unearthed-thinkingaboutparenting-1608-1-01-web


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  1. 😆 😆 😆

    I can so relate!! K do you want to use the bathroom. No mommy. Are you sure? Yes I am sure? Get in the car, 10 mins later… mommy I really need to use the potty (on the highway, with no gas station in sight) 🙂