A month using Bio-Strath natural supplements – did they work for me and the three triallists?

October 11, 2016


It's a big claim when a product promises more energy, stamina, and vitality, plus immune-boosting for the whole family. At the end of August, I called for women who wanted to try out Bio-Strath natural supplements with me for a month, and see if we and our families felt better or more energised.

To recap, Bio-Strath is a well-researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement that provides 61 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect form. It Is a source of antioxidant, and helps the body metabolise carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Bio-Strath was formulated over 50 years ago in Switzerland by a bio-chemist, Dr Walter Strathmeyer. It is free from preservatives, artifically produced colourings, genetically modified organisms, and sweeteners.


The reviews below are honest, and the participants weren't paid, or given anything other than a month's supply of Bio-Strath. They also understood that they could say anything, without fear of wrath from me, or the PR or even Bio-Strath.

Meet the partcipants:

Samantha Curley-Young

Tell us about yourself

"I am Sam: woman, wife and mom to the most gorgeous pigeon pair after many years of infertility.  I'm a wine drinker, runner, reader, ice cream lover! Words are my refuge." 

Why did you want to use the product? 

My family had been stuck in a sickness cycle FOR AGES!  Nothing I was using was helping and I could not bear to have another dose of antibiotcs mess up our systems.

What did you think of the product?

Can I be honest?  The syrup really doesn’t taste great. In fact I had to bribe my kids to take “the yucky medicine” (their words not mine) every day.  I am glad that I could take the pills instead of the syrup.  THAT SAID, I definitely think it made a huge difference in kicking the lurgy that was slowly sucking us under to the curb.

Who in your family used the product?

All four of us used it.  Myself, Cliff (my husband), Kade (5 year old) and Gems (2.5 year old)

Did you notice any difference after a month?

Absolutely! The post nasal drip that had consumed me and Kade has decreased dramatically and Gemma’s cough has gone away without other meds.  My nails have also grown better this month. 

Cliff was a bit inconsistent in taking it, but he too seems to have finally kicked the persistent feeling of being sick and not quite 100% well.

Would you recommend Bio-Strath to a friend?

Yes I would.  In fact it is on my shopping list for the month for the family – the kids are asking for their “yucky medicine” 

You can find Sam on her blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Kate Armstrong

Tell us about yourself

I’m 33 years old. I worked in the film industry for eight years after school doing production for international commercials, and have been a publicist for some of the coolest people in SA now for the last six years. I am passionate animal lover, with a strong interest in health and keeping things as natural as possible. 

 Why did you want to use the product?

I have had a very stressful year with two house moves, and a pet that has required two months of vet treatment! Until I have actual human babies, my dogs and horse are my children, so this has been incredibly stressful. And what is it they say – a move is about as stressful as a divorce? Moving is hectic! 

What did you think of the product?  

I definitely know it has helped my stress and energy levels this month. I did find it hard to remember to take two tablets three times a day, as I am used to taking my vitamin in the morning and forgetting about it the rest of the day. I mostly remembered to take the 2nd dose at lunchtime, but mostly forgot in the evenings. I didn’t like the taste of the syrup, but haven’t tried it yet in juice, I have just been taking the tablets for the moment. Will take the syrup when my tabs are finished.

Who in your family used the product?

Just me – I gave the kids' syrup to my friend (who I work with, from her house) for her kids (ages 2 and 5) but they haven’t taken it consistently, as they don’t like the taste and refuse it most days! But she says she has used it quite a bit in the past when they were younger and it was easier to squirt it down their mouths and it helped their overall immunity and health.

Did you notice any difference after a month?  

Yes it has definitely helped me stay calmer and keep my energy levels up during a very stressful time. My boyfriend has remarked several times in the last few weeks that I haven’t needed my afternoon naps on the weekend! So that is only good news 🙂 

Would you recommend Bio-Strath to a friend?  

Yes definitely. 



Amy Westerman

Tell us about yourself.

I'm mom to two beautiful girls, Erin and Sienna. Wife of Damien. Runner of my passion and charity – The Grace Factory. I work full time as a financial director.

Why did you want to use the product?

I wanted to us it, as I work with numbers for 8 hours a day and need my mind (and body) to stay sharp. I work most nights too- doing charity work. I sleep very little – due to two darling angel girls. My youngest is 10 months old.

What did you think of the product?  

Well packaged. The tables were super convenient to take. LOVED the blister packs. Syrup great for the kids!

Who in your family used the product?

Me, my 4-year-old, my husband and Thando, our house manager and nanny

Did you notice any difference after a month?

I did. I had more energy and also was able to concentrate better at work. I gave it to Thando when she was sick, she seemed to recover and heal quickly.

Would you recommend Bio-Strath to a friend?

Absolutely, it's a solution for the whole family and anyone who needs a sharp mind (and an energized body) can benefit from this product.



Me – Tanya Kovarsky

Why did you want to use the product?

I liked that it was natural, and that it was safe for pregnancy, which is when I started taking it. I also wanted to feel as good as possible for the last few weeks of pregnancy, and post-partum. 

It might sound corny too, but I was attracted to the fact that the brand is 50 years old, and was developed by a bio-chemist in Switzerland.

What did you think of the product?  

I liked it – easy to use and it lived up to its claims.

Who in your family used the product?

Just me… my son lives half at his dad and half at me, and I forgot to properly coordinate things. I blame pregnancy!

Did you notice any difference after a month?

I felt pretty good in my last weeks of pregnancy, so perhaps it was the supplements that helped me along. I've been using it so sporadically since giving birth, and regrettably so. While I'm mostly on the go again, my recovery has been slower than I would have liked, which could be an age thing. I will definitely start taking Bio-Strath regularly as I had good results during pregnancy.

Would you recommend Bio-Strath to a friend?

Yes, definitely.

Would you buy the product?

Yes, for sure.



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  • Rockeya Chetty

    My grandson of 8 years is diagnosed with ADHD. Won’t Bio Strath make him more hyper. He cannot ssit still in class. I meed for him yo be able to concentrate and not an energizer. Ritalin is not an alternative for me.

    May 28, 2018 at 7:24 pm Reply
    • Tanya

      I would chat to a doctor about this

      May 29, 2018 at 7:11 am Reply
      • Ennie

        I just want to know if bio Strathmore can make me thin. Because since I started using it I lost weight but not sick.

        May 5, 2019 at 5:05 am Reply
  • Anzelle

    May Biostrath be taken while using waferen

    July 2, 2019 at 11:40 am Reply
  • Razia Noordien

    Can my 7 yr old son use biostrath while using neorovance syrup.he struggles so much with concentration and cannot remember

    November 12, 2019 at 12:46 pm Reply
    • Tanya

      Hi Razia, I’m not a doctor, so unfortunately I can’t answer this.

      November 12, 2019 at 5:22 pm Reply
    • Elzann

      I am giving it to my kids, 7 and 10 and it helps them a lot to concentrate. A friend of mine took her daughter off Concertta and is now only giving her Bio Strath. I will highly recommend it for children.

      January 15, 2020 at 10:07 am Reply

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