A mosquito-repellant sleeping bag for babies? Yes, it really does exist

October 18, 2016

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the guys who brought us colour-coded snap buttons on babygrows, and nanotechology on their baby clothing to release and resist stains and spills, have introduced a sleeping bag for babies that repels mosquitoes.


A few months ago I wrote about Parental Instinct, whose mission it is to not only make cute baby and infant items, but ones that make parenting easier with their technology and makeup.

In this case, it's a sleeping bag, the Snuggle Bag, that not only keeps baby warm and wrapped up (remember, babies can't kick them off when they're sleeping), but one that has an anti-mosquito outer shell to repel mosquitoes.


Parental Instinct say that the shell is treated with an all-natural, odour-free eucalyptus extract that provides 90% mosquito repellency. It's a win-win – your baby gets the benefit of a sleeping bag AND a safe and Deet-free mozzie repellant in summer. And no, you don't have to be camping outdoors for this to be effective – it still works indoors, for those wondering.

Since we haven't yet been struck by mozzies, I cannot verify if the Snuggle Bag works as a repellant or not. For now, I'm trusting the Parental Instinct team, and I'm keen to try it out with my new one soon – I'll do anything to avoid the likes of smelly lotions and citronella.

For now, what I can say is that it's easy to zip open and closed, and is lightweight and feels comfy. The Snuggle Bag also includes an anti-bacterial, super-soft inner lining, while a "seatbelt opening" at the back means you can easily transfer your sleeping baby into or from the carseat without disturbing your child. 

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Parental Instinct’s clothes and sleeping bags are available online – choose from blue or pink Snuggle Bugs, in sizes – 0-6 months (R599) and 6-18 months (R699) and 18-36 months.



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