School exams coming up? Here’s the tool that you *must* use for help with learning and revision

October 20, 2016

While most moms hate class Whatsapp groups, I quite like them. It is here that the moms regularly "converge" to ask about the homework, and make sure we've understood it correctly. This is grade one, people, and there are moms, like me, who sometimes struggle to understand the challenges – and answers – being asked of our six and seven-year-olds.

We laugh about it on Whatsapp, but what is going to happen further down the line (which I suspect is actually closer than further), when my son needs help with the subjects I am not good at, like Afrikaans and Maths. And geography. And history, come to think of it. The Whatsapp group might not help then, and what we're needing might not warrant extra lessons, but rather, just a little assistance.

Enter WorksheetCloud from Learning Lab Apps, an online application that offers printable CAPS schools worksheets in English, Afrikaans, Maths, Natural Science, Geography, History and Life Skills for grades 1 to 12. These worksheets help your child prepare for class tests and exams, and are great for all kids, not just those who might be battling with a subject, nor those who have moms, like me, who can't do calculus or algebra.


These worksheets not only help your child to practise at home, and revise their work, but it also saves parents the "stress" of trying to adequately prepare them for tests and exams.

With WorksheetCloud, your child can access the worksheet content from a desktop or laptop, or any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The content can be viewed on screen, or printed out and completed with a pen and paper, much in the same way your children complete real school exams.

Each worksheet comes with a detailed answer sheet memorandum that includes explanations and model answers for your child to learn from. The app also has a progress report that shows a parent their child’s weak areas, and suggests worksheets for the child to do in order to improve.

The number of worksheets differ from grade to grade. On average, there are more than 100 worksheets per grade, which can keep your child busy for more than 40 hours.

New worksheets are continually being added, and the content is based on the South African CAPS curriculum and is 100% relevant to the work your child is doing at school, and is suitable for learners at government and private schools.

WorksheetCloud is also an official partner of the Woolworths MySchool campaign, and parents with a card can get a discount when enrolling their child to WorksheetCloud.


WorksheetCloud is available for individual parents as well as schools. WorksheetCloud costs R60 per month per child, plus a once-off sign-up fee of R120 per child. You can pay this monthly, or you can make an upfront payment for a 12 month subscription and pay R720 (saving you 15%). The rate for schools will depend on number of classes and kids etc. 

Since its launch two years ago, WorksheetCloud has been awarded the CAP40 Business Innovation Award for being the most innovative, disruptive and promising educational concept, as well as the Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Award for being the best emerging business in 2015. 

The reviews of Worksheetcloud are superb, with parents raving not only about an improvement in their kids' results, but a boost in their (the parents') approach to schoolwork and capacity to help their children.

For a detailed product tour and sign-up information, head to the Worksheetcloud website. 


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