How MySmartKid Smartboxes help parents to parent better (true story)

October 25, 2016


Even though I'm on my second round of parenting, there's so much I've forgotten, like how tiring and perplexing it often is, particularly in these newborn days. More than that, I dont remember all the milestones, and what's age appropriate – from what toys to give her to what to expect from her development.

While my daughter is only a few weeks old, I know that touch and engaging the senses play a massive part for her development, but I'm a bit confused about what comes next. Yes, there are toys and games. But what is my role in all of it, other than ensuring the toys have batteries and that my French poodle isn't chewing all of them!

Enter early childhood development programme MySmartKid, which, as one of my blog partners, I've written about a lot over the last few months. Not a lot of people know that inside each of their age-appropriate subscription boxes, are not only toys, but a Parent Guide too, to help you help your child develop through play.


It's not simply about opening a cool box and letting your child play with their cool swag, chosen by a team of experts, though it's perfectly fine if you want to do it this way. 

The Parent Guide help you to understand what's in the box, and how to help your child from birth until six develop their necessary skills. What's more, when you subscribe, you get access to email newsletter with ideas for activities you can do with your child, plus advice from the experts (educational psychologist, occupational therapist, art psychotherapist, a counselling psychologist and a speech and language therapist). 


The bonus of all of this? You don't have to Google tons of developmental ideas, you don't have to source age-appropriate tools that may or may not be that great, and you don't have to panic that you're off track, or not being an active player in your kid's progress.


The cost for a subscription is R345 per child for a box every second month, and there's a Smartbox for every age (see what I'm talking about here). All the boxes tick the boxes (literally!) of developmental needs. For example, for 0-1 years, which is the market I'm now buying in, you'll get the following boxes: Wellbeing pack, Identity & Belonging pack, Concepts pack, Creativity pack, Communication pack, and My World pack.

Too good for you and your child to miss out on. Really.


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