Buy one of these gorgeous gifts of art with heart, and support Goodnight Malaria

November 24, 2016

Here are three amazing reasons to head to the Goodbye Malaria shop and buy something adorable and hand crafted:

1. There are some quirky and beautiful products on the site, from slippers and bears to sausage dogs and toiletry bags (hint: this is where you can get some of your festtive shopping out the way, or buy something unique that might be appreciated more than something off the rack in the mall)

2. All materials are sourced and made in South Africa, and you'll be supporting some outstanding people who handcraft them

3. Funds raised from the sales will go towards Goodbye Malaria, an organisation started by African entrepreneurs who believe that African creativity can solve one of Africa’s biggest problems. The initiative helps to raise funds that go directly to support malaria elimination programmess in Mozambique.

Here are some of the amazing products you can buy on the site (go directly there to see their gorgeous toiletry and cosmetic bags too).

Sausage Dog NuNu’s, made by Small-Talk, R275

img_1638 img_1878 img_1879

Dolls, made by Cocoa Cherry (R380)

img_1798 img_1800 img_1854 img_1957


Mashozi Teddy Bear, made by Heartworks, R495

bear-all bear-blue bear-in-box-1 bear-in-box-2 bear-orange bear-purple brown-bear-mashozi orange-bear-mashozi red-bear-mashozi


Slippers, made by Curtis in collaboration with Ingénuité (R250)

img_1655 img_1827 img_1945


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