The most dependable swimming nappies

November 25, 2016


This post was written in partnership with Huggies

There are pretty much only three options when swimming with a baby or toddler – you leave them naked and risk the consequences (and be selfish to others in resort or public pools and the sea), you put them in an ordinary nappy but face the swelling and all the nappy material seaping out, or you put them in a water-friendly nappy.

I've experienced the former (the word awkward doesn't sufficiently describe the awkwardness), and from then on, I was never without a swim-friendly nappy for my son again, plus I've already stocked up on some for my baby daughter for next month's holiday.

Back when my son was in nappies, Huggies Little Swimmers were the only dependable water-friendly nappy on the market, and I haven't since come across anything else that floats my boat like they do. The great thing about Huggies Little Swimmers is that the leak guards will stop any accident from wandering into the water, plus they've been made not to swell when wet like normal nappies do. 


With its open diaper variant for smaller babies, and velcro sides on medium and large sizes, Huggies Little Swimmers are easy to open and close for convenient changing. They come in Finding Dory and Finding Nemo designs, and in three sizes: size 2-3 (3-8kg), size 3-4 (7-15kg) and size 5-6 (12-18kg).  They're available from large baby stores and Takealot, starting at R104.99.

Look out too as Huggies have also introduced a special edition of Disney Finding Dory Huggies wipes. These contain aloe and vitamin E, to help protect baby's skin naturally. 


Nervous about swimming with your babe? Here are some reasons why you should take to the water with your little one (tips via

  • Baby swimming is a fun and rewarding experience that helps build the bond between you and your baby as it centres on trust.
  • The first year of a baby's life is crucial in terms of their development, as it is in this period that their brain grows most rapidly. Regular exercise plays a vital role in this, with every movement they make helping to strengthen their brain for new learning.
  • Baby swimming is completely natural; having spent months surrounded by fluid in the womb, babies have a real affinity for water.
  • Making bath times fun is a great way of getting your baby used to water and building his confidence for baby swimming. Gently splash water over his body or lay him on his back and move him gently through the water, with lots of eye contact and smiles.
  • It is a common myth that your baby has to be a certain age before they can go swimming. They can go at any age (as long as they are safe and monitored)
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