Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe: what I and readers thought of it

December 5, 2016

A few weeks ago I ran a giveaway for two hampers of the new Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe range, and this week, the winners and I write about how we have found the products. The moms, who are coincidentally both expecting their second children, had free reign over their words. 

To recap, the Top-to-Toe Baby Wash, Johnson’s has launched a Top-to-Toe Baby Massage Lotion, Top-to-Toe Baby Massage Oil and Top-to-Toe Extra Moisturising Baby Cream.

The Top-to-Toe range of products are specially developed for newborns’ delicate skin, and are great for a "moisture-rich" skincare routine to help nourish, maintain and replenish newborn skin. They're non-drying, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, and cover the all-important baby skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising.

Here's what we all thought:

Mom number one: Megyn Kelly



Tell us about yourself

I'm a WAHM to Axl and expecting baby number two, in June. During the day, I spend my time juggling the demands of a toddler, while documenting my life and passion for all things beauty and parenting, on my personal blog By Megan Kelly.

Why did you want to use the products?

We have a baby on the way and we’d like to find a range that is good enough for both our toddler (with sensitive skin) and of course, our new baby. Axl’s skin tends to dry out especially around the seasonal changes, and he is prone to eczema on the inside of his legs, so it is always important that we take those things into consideration when choosing a range.

What did you think of the products?

Overall, I liked the entire range! My favourite products were the convenient baby wash – a wriggly toddler often means soap in the eyes, so the fact that it didn’t burn really helped!

Although they say it’s gently cleaning, I found it did a great job, even with my kid who is constantly exploring our backyard (grubby hands are hard to clean!) The massage lotion and oil are great, especially for night-time baths just before bed. The massages helped relax him and seemed to affect the way he slept. But best of all, I loved the extra moisturising cream which is a nappy bag essential and very quickly became my own favourite product to use!

How did you use the products?

On days that his skin was particularly dry, I used a few drops of the baby massage oil in his water which his skin absolutely adored. We also used the extra moisturising cream on his dry patches (and on my growing belly!), as the formula is really nourishing and leaves skin feeling hydrated. With Axl’s skin irritations flaring up (thanks Spring!) keeping the tube next to the bed saved him from scratching himself awake many a night.

What were the results of using the Top-to-Toe Range?

Overall, I really loved what it did for my son’s skin which gave me the confidence that it’d be a great range that I can use on both our toddler and newborn baby. Honestly, my toiletry shelf is exorbitant enough and simplifying bath times would make more sense! The range ticked off all the boxes – it is gentle yet effective, great at restoring moisture and I can see just how great it will be for the newborn baby, especially during those first few weeks when their skin is so sensitive and easily dries.

How would you describe the range in five words?

Gentle, effective and so hydrating!

How do you feel this range, if at all, stands out from others?

I feel that the range has a better all-round approach. Other brands in this category may boast things like scents, but they are not as gentle, so end up burning their eyes, drying their skin or even causing it to flare up. I also like that restoring moisture seemed to be their focus, as this was something I struggled with when Axl was a newborn.

Would you recommend the Top-to-Toe range to a friend?

Yes, of course! I already have!


Mom number two: Tammy Voges



Tell us about yourself

I’m 29 years old, and I work for a chocolate factory! I’m a mommy to Dion Jnr, who is 2 years and 4 months old, and three furkids. I'm also currently pregnant with baby no 2 who is making his/her appearance in April of next year. I am married to a very loving husband and father who I adore and our home is in Pretoria. My hobbies include family and cake! I love the seaside and red wine too.

Why did you want to use the products?

I've been using Johnson’s products for the longest time. I always use their bath oil in the winter months. Nothing works better at moisturising than bathing in a few drops of Johnson’s bath oil. When my son was born in 2014, I naturally only used Johnsons’ products, and my favourite would be the Top-to-Toe wash. I just love the Lavender range, and still use every night at bath time.

What did you think of the products?

I loved the fact that the massage oil now has a child-proof cap. I love the smell – it has a very faint fresh baby smell, if that makes any sense at all! The Top-to-Toe push bottle is so convenient. The massage lotions are great, quickly absorbs, and leave my son’s little body moisturised and smelling lovely.

How did you use the products?

I used the Top-to-Toe for bathing my son every night, I also wash his hair with it. I used the massage lotion to message him after his bath, he absolutely loves a massage. I used the massage oil, in the bath once. It turned out to be too slippery , and too oily to massage with as well. My son doesn’t like to feel sticky.

What were the results of using the Top-to-Toe range?

Because I use Johnson’s every day, I couldn’t really say that the results have been different since using the new range. Same great product.

How would you describe the range in five words?

Fragrant, user friendly, affordable, attainable, quality.

How do you feel this range, if at all, stands out from others?

The price versus the quality is always one of the reasons Johnsons stands out from others.

Would you recommend the Top-to-Toe range to a friend?

Definitely. It’s the best baby product range for newborns and toddlers alike on the market, in my opinion.


Mom number three: Me (Tanya)



Tell the readers about yourself

I'm a blogger (though I suspect you know this!) and a freelance copywriter, and mom to Max, 7 and Rebecca, 2.5 months. I love running and reading, and when not busy with all of these, I'm trying to learn how to create a smoky eye (or any decent eye) by watching YouTube videos.

What did you think of the products?

I really liked them, starting with the gorgeous packing – I have a thing for pretty packaging. Next up is the lovely but not overbearing fragrance. My best was the massage oil, and it's my best product for massage. 

How did you use the products?

I literally used it the full range from top to toe – I used the wash for bathtime, the cream for hydrating, and the massage oil for the times I squeezed in a massage. I preferred the oil to the massage cream as it's a great texture for doing all the massage techniques. 

I know Tammy found the oil to be a bit slippery, but I found that a little goes a good distance, and that just a few drops work well, without leaving that greasy and sticky feeling.

What were the results of using the Top-to-Toe Range?

It's hard to say as I've been using them so much that I can't really compare to what it's like without using them. My daughter's skin feels moisturised and protected, and we've had no issues, bar a face rash which the paed said wasn't connected to product usage at all, but rather a very typical newborn rash.

How would you describe the range in five words?

Effective, moisturising, value, pretty, quality

How do you feel this range, if at all, stands out from others?

Aside from the amazing packaging (see, I really do have a thing for it), I like that there's a wonderful massage oil on supermarket shelves – previously I had to get specific oils from either DisChem or a baby shop.

Would you recommend the Top-to-Toe range to a friend?

Yes, definitely.


PS: To watch my massage video using Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe massage oil, head here: 

PPS: Thanks to Tammy for the product pics!


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