Infants move around 3km a day, which is why Huggies have designed nappies just for that

December 8, 2016

Written in partnership with Huggies

I've often thought of a good nappy as having the correct materials to absorb what needs to be absorbed, and preventing any mess and fuss for them and us. But a decent nappy is more than this – it's one that fits snugly and comfortably, and can cope with babies moving around all day. And did you know that babies can move up to 3km a day? That's a huge amount of movement, which, according to my fitness tracker, I don't really reach on my non-exercise days.

Their movement can be as simple as rolling from side to side in their cots or as strenuous as crawling or running from point to point. Huggies have created new nappies to go the distance, so to speak, and their Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls, will keep your little ones dry while on the go.


What's different this time around? Well, Huggies Gold now feature a stretchy waistband and stretchy fasteners for a comfortable fit.  They keep babies wrapped in a "hug" as comfy as the one from their mom, say the brand. "Our new nappies can best be described by saying they are hugwear for moving babies… Babies wearing Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls will have the freedom to stretch, roll, bend, crawl, run and do whatever they chose to do without any hindrance."



Apart from offering a snug and comfy fit, Huggies Gold has tailored absorption zones higher up for Boys and more centrally placed for Girls. The liner on this product has DryTouch technology which means it is ultra-soft for ultimate skin protection. It draws wetness away from your baby in seconds leaving them dry and comfortable. The soft, breathable designs have pictures of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse to suit boys and girls.

Available at major retailers, Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls comes in four sizes: size 3 (6 – 10 kg); size 4 (8 – 14 kg); size 4+ (12 – 16 kg) and size 5 (15+ kg). The product is on offer in a bag and a megabox. The recommended retail price for bags are R209.99 and R389.99 for the megabox.

Watch this adorable video for more on these "hugwear" nappies:



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