Mom’s favourites: one mother’s best products

January 18, 2017

Call me curious or nosy, but I love knowing what other moms have in their handbags, or love using daily. I'm therefore kicking off this blog series, where I feature moms, and ask them about their favourite products, and get to know them a bit more. it's a light series, and if you'd like to be featured here, please comment below, or email me here.

This week I'm featuring fellow shopaholic Melinda Queck, who is now contributing some of her amazing shopping posts to Rattle and Mum. Read about her most unusual best lipgloss, and have a look at her most gorgeous puppy.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a mom to a beautiful three-year-old daughter and live on a farm in Jo’burg North. A little Hungarian Vizsla puppy has recently joined our family. I am a specialist creative recruiter and have been running my own agency for the past 8 years. I am new to the blogging world and recently started a blog, The Online Roundup.

What is always in your handbag?

Tissues, hygiene wet wipes and Labello.

What are the beauty products you’d take with you if there was a fire?

Bio-Oil, sunscreen and toothpaste (is toothpaste a beauty product?)

What’s in your cubbyhole?

Hygiene wet wipes and my prescription sunglasses – unfortunately I am a bit blind without them.

What’s in your lunchbag regularly?

A bottle of water, don’t travel without one. Raw almonds, dried fruit and nut bars

What's your favourite perfume?

Pure Poison by Dior; I’ve been wearing it for years

What's your favourite lipstick?

MAC Medium Rare (pink). Recently I have been using Sophia the First Lip Gloss as it came in a gift set – it’s actually really nice!  

What product/s do you use for your child?

The Woolworths Earth Friendly range   

Name your top five books…

I am reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne at the moment, and her book ‘The Power’ is wrapped up for my birthday.  The audiobook ‘Mind Power into the 21st Century’ by John Kehoe read by Robin Banks is on repeat in my car. I love Marion Keyes and John Grisham too.

Name your top five kids' books

We’re progressing from ‘A is for Apple’ to longer stories, so the favourites change daily!  We have quite a collection of Peppa Pig books and The Gruffalo makes regular appearances

What food/s do you wish had no kilojoules?

Chocolate, cake, ice cream, Nutella, all the Quality Street chocs I ate over December!

What are your favourite tips/products for making you look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep?

Unfortunately I am the one who needs tips! Just when my daughter started sleeping through the night, we got a puppy!

What’s always in your fridge?

White wine

The phrase/words you often overuse as a mother…

At the moment its: “please leave the puppy, she’s sleeping!” and to the puppy “NO, stop chewing that!”

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