Pinterest-worthy: Aimee’s Mickey Mouse party for her second birthday

January 25, 2017

I have the most awesome aunt (though she often feels more like a sister than an aunt), who often sends me Whatsapp pictures all things gorgeous in Joburg, whether it's stunning baby clothes, new Woolies confectionary, or beautiful cakes. She recently sent me some pics of her neighbour Messy Pharoah, who had organised a divine Minnie Mouse Party for her two-year-old daughter Aimee, which I just knew I *had to* feature here.

Here is more about the party, and Messy's top party-planning tips:

"We chose to celebrate Aimee’s party on her actual birthday and have it at home in her comfort zone. I also felt that it was an advantage we could have a small party of friends and family – people who mean something to me, my husband Scott and Aimee. 

Being my last baby and probably her last party that I could get to choose the theme for, I decided to go for Minnie Mouse and add the pink and gold combination, which I love. 

I remember checking the weather 7 days before Aimee's party and just saw rain not a 20% chance, but a 70% chance! 

On Friday afternoon, I resigned myself to the reality of having the party in our garage after it had rained the entire day. While setting up on Sunday and seeing how happy Aimee was, I realised she did not care about the rain. She was ready to party! 

While looking back at the photos there was a specific one of me, Scott and Aimee standing in the garage and my first thought was "When it's a rainy day, on your party day and you have to have it in your garage… all you need is love.

Who cares if it rains? You’re celebrating a most precious person’s life! I was relieved that it was only 12 children though.

Aimee made it very clear it was her party, and we know all 2 year olds think they are the boss!  Aimee's little conversations were sweet and here are a few phrases I remember: "My party, not yours", "No pop my balloons", "my moush cake!". She knew the day was hers. 

She just wanted to get to the "Hooray!" part of the happy birthday because she couldn't wait to blow out her candles…precious moments I'll never forget.

Aimee also fell asleep in my arms during the party, probably 45 mins after blowing out her candles. I couldn't resist and put her down on her party table. It was the perfect photo and summed up her day "partied out".


Party-planning tips

Plan ahead and make sure you order your birthday cake at least eight weeks before the party. Love every minute of planning because it should be fun. 

Take all your special photos before the party: the cake, birthday girl, family and godmother. 

Time your party, especially with toddlers. They are like ticking time bombs! Blow out the candles an hour into the party to make sure they'll still be happy and not overtired. 

Things will go wrong on the day! But make time to spend with your child and enjoy each moment.



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  • rumba

    Thank you for sharing this. Its awesome and so intimate. Loved the photos and the cake.

    January 25, 2017 at 8:40 am Reply
  • Elly

    Seems like a fun party. So Beautiful pictures. Such fab ideas! Wondering what to do for my daughter’s fourth and she loves Micky mouse so this will definitely help! Thanks a lot for sharing!

    February 16, 2017 at 12:07 pm Reply
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