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February 16, 2017

Written in partnership with Turbovite

I know it's *only* the middle of February, but it feels like this year has gone on for muuuuch longer, and those feel-good new-year feelings and resolutions are stone cold. I've been feeling quite exhausted already and struggling to feel on top of my game. Or even in the game.

This week, I started taking Turbovite as they sent their newly packaged products over. Though I know the brand just from it being around for so long, I've never tried it, and the new packaging gets my attention immediately (I'm like that with packaging – the better it looks, the more I want to try it).

In short, Turbovite is a range of energy supplements for busy people (ie, you and me). The range contains products suitable for ad hoc use (when you need a quick fix) as well as daily use. The syrups are also available in easy to use, on-the-run 10ml sachets for convenience – and a boost.

There are four main product lines in the range:
BLAST – For a quick physical energy boost
FOCUS – For increased mental concentration and memory support
EXCEL – Daily energy support
VITALITY – Daily energy supplement for sport participants who prefers energy without caffeine

I started with the Excel as that's where I'm feeling I need the most help with. It contains ginseng and vitamin C to give "physical energy, antioxidant support, increased mental concentration (yes please!!!) and improved mental performance and stamina.

First off, it's quite pleasant tasting as far as effervescent supplements go. It also contains calcium, magnesium, caffeine, ginkgo biloba, and vitamins B3, 1, 2, 6 and 12. For those concerned about the caffeine, not every Turbovite product contains it – Vitality, for example, doesn't.

I've been taking it first thing in the morning, and I've noticed a few things so far. Firstly, I'm able to not get back into bed, and exercise instead, and my running of late has been slightly better. This could be because I'm getting fitter too, but it does feel like there's more of a spring in my step either way.

I also don't have the slumps around 3/4pm, and I also managed to watch a crime series without getting lost with the plot, literally. Usually I'm too tired or distracted to focus on most intricate series, but this time I wasn't (my husband was delighted not to have to pause the show and answer my questions).

Am I running marathons yet or writing a thesis? No, but I'm feeling better stocked to take on regular exercise, parenting two kids including a daughter of five months (who I'm still breastfeeding), working, blogging and staying sane. And for that reason, I'll carry on with the Turbovite.

Turbovite is available from chemists and supermarkets, and the recommended retail price for a box is R103. 

Visit www.turbovite.co.za for more info, or like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/turbovite/


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