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February 17, 2017

I've featured lots of Instagram accounts here that are funny, cute or beautiful, but I've never written about a very funny local dad's account. I'm so glad to have found That Fun Dad by first-time father Devin Karpes, who has a Facebook page too where he features his hilarious pics and videos.

I went through his Instagram feed of videos and images with captions and was laughing out so loudly my husband asked me what so funny. Here, Devin answers some questions about his account, and being a dad.

(PS: I couldn't include Devin's videos here, but you *must* go to his Facebook page or Instagram account to check them out).

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I work for a digital marketing company in Johannesburg. I'm married to Natalie, and my baby's name is Harlow Gypsy Karpes, who was born in October last year.

How would you describe your Instagram account?

I would describe it as my own comical take on parenting. As you know, parenting has its set of challenges even though the good outweighs the bad by miles. But it's a way for me to share my experiences in a way I like best, which is from the comical aspect. 

Why and when did you start it?

It started a week after Harlow was born. Her birth inspired me in a way I had never experienced before. I always wanted to do something with regards to comedy. I dabbled a little in my school years but never took it further. It was a big dream that I wasnt sure could become reality.

With Harlow's birth though it was as if content landed on my lap and an inspiration filled with love too. It was as if a switch just flipped and "that fun dad" was born. It also gives me a chance to spend quality time with her, and think abut her and the things she is doing in her development.

Do you plan your videos in advance, or are they spontaneous?

Some are, some arent. Things happen day to day, which spark ideas. I then jot them down and eleborate on them when driving home from work each day. But some just happen on the fly, in the moment. Those are normally the best ones.

What are your plans for your account and your videos?

I want to just keep growing my followers. It has taken off faster then i ever could have imagined and i have had a great response. My aim is to create more and more characters as time goes on. My ultimate goal however is to inspire other dads to be the best they can.

There is honestly nothing better in this world to me than being a father and for a child there is nothing better than having a special bond with their parents. I am also going to be doing charity work where i go a give my time to children living in orphanages. I would love to inspire a movement of other dads doing the same thing. 

What have been your favourite Instagram pics or videos?

My favorite video to film has been the Jacob Zuma one. It even made me laugh during filming. But my favorite pics have got to be the ones where I was just playing with Harlow and my wife Natalie just captured the moment.

What is your favourite joke?

Tough one. I love quick one liners. Something on the lines of… "If swimming is so great exercise then why are whales so fat?", but I must say I prefer funny moments to jokes. I find I have laughed harder in my life when certain things happen naturally.

What is the funniest thing about parenting?

I think some of the funniest things have been figuring out what certain things are. For instance when Natalie came home with what I now know is a bottle cleaner. I orginally thought it was a baby toilet brush. In essence, it's being exposed to things I never took much notice of before. 

What is your most embarrassing parenting story?

All I can say is never bounce with your baby straight after a feed. I was covered with vomit. Some things a mother just knows and understands that a dad has to actually learn practically. However, after a couple vomit incidents, it gets less and less embarrassing.

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