Mom’s favourites: One mother’s best beauty products and tips

February 21, 2017

Galya Falkson is an avid reader of Rattle and Mum (yay – thank you Galya!), a mom of two and a fantastic family photographer. Here she shares some of her favourite things:

Tell us about yourself:

I live in Joburg, and I'm a wife, and mommy of two boys (three years, and seven months). 

I teach at a girls' school and I do photography too – my business is called "Photography by Galya".

I love art and anything creative, which why I love photography. I enjoy cooking but never seem to have much time to do that! 

What is always in your handbag?

My glasses, tissues, Nivea hand cream (because it doesn't leave that "sticky" feeling and just absorbs into your hands) hand sanitizer wipes, a mini deodorant, keys, cell, MAC lipstick, and my purse. 

I'll often have a nappy and wet wipes incase!

What are your nappy bag staples?

A nappy and wet wipes, dummy and a onesie.

What’s in your cubbyhole?

CDs and an extra board marker for school!

What’s in your lunchbag regularly?

Water and an easy quick on-the-go snack, or whatever I have in house or have made for supper the night before. Generally though it's a yoghurt, salad (if I have time to make one) and a fruit .

What's your favourite perfume?

Olympea by Paco Rabanne

What's your favourite lipstick?

Twig by MAC

Name your top five books

All the Harry Potters

Name your top five kids books

The Gruffalo series by Julia Donaldson. 

What food/s do you wish had no kilojoules?

Chocolate definitely – even though I eat it like it doesn't have any!

What are your favourite tips/products for making you look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep?

MAC concealer under my eyes, with a bit of powder over, plus mascara and lipstick. I find the combo just works every time!

What’s always in your fridge?

Milk, water, and eggs!

What are your best parenting websites/resources (if any)

The book called "What mothers do" by Naomi Stadlen. If you havent read it – it's a MUST READ! She is just amazing at understanding mommies. I also like the Baby Sense range

What are the best baby products you couldn’t do without?

Wet wipes! Those are lifesavers, especially when you're out and you get messed on. 


Here are some shots that Galya has taken:

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