What are some of the best baby products in SA? Here are the MamaMagic award winners

February 27, 2017

Last week MamaMagic (the baby and parenting expo) announced the best in the 2016 New Product Awards, which gives the nod to new products in SA, and spans the categories baby essentials, mom's essentials, play, safety, travel, feeding and nursery.

Here are the winners:

Baby Essentials: Biddykins Swimming Nappy

BiddyKins swim nappies have front rise snaps and are size adjustable swimming costumes – intended for use from around 4kg to to 16kg. They come in fantastic fabrics too.

Feeding: Baby Brezza Formula Pro 

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro makes for easy and quick formula making (wihout the second guessing of how much you've put in the bottle). It measures and mixes the correct proportion of water and powdered formula to the right temperature and consistency (like a Nespresso machine for babies?).

Mom’s Essential: MilkSense 

Many breastfeeding moms panic about whether their babies are eating enough. MilkSense can give these moms some insight – it's a breastfeeding monitor that measures how much your baby consumes. It works by taking a 10-second reading before and after feedings by applying a very low current (similar to radio waves).  

Nursery: Tiny Love 3 in 1 Close to Me Bouncer 

The Close to Me bouncer ahs three modes of use – bouncer, soothing and high seat, and it always sits at eye level. It plays music (choose from 16 tunes), has a calming vibration, and an adjustable removable arch with two trays.

Play: Tiny Love Gymini 1 2 3 Here I Grow 

The Gymini literally "grows" with a baby – from playmat to low-lying activity centre, to a standing centre. There are 15 features and activities to encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills, and stimulate the senses.  


Safety: Sun Protection Swimwear by Parental Instinct

One of my favourite and most innovative brands, Parental Instinct, has a sun-protection range with a UPF of +50. The cossies also dry quickly, have a long-length back zip (easy to get on and off) and colour-coded snaps (to keep the tops from riding up).

The swimsuits range from three months to two years.

Travel: Good Baby Pockit Stroller by Brands Africa

This clever stroller holds the Guiness World Record for being the smallest stroller. It folds up, weighs 4.3kg, and can even fit in your bag.

Parent’s Choice: BiddyKins Swimming Nappy (see above)

Overall Winner for 2016 MamaMagic New Product Awards: Good Baby Pockit Stroller by Brands Africa (see above)


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  • Mrs FF

    Swim nappies that fir 4 to 16kg, wow… that is so lovely. Saves on buying disposable swim nappies

    March 9, 2017 at 9:46 am Reply
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