February’s most fabulous products (take note – I suspect you’ll want some of them)

February 28, 2017

It feels like the year is really on the go and new products are being announced, launched or sent our way. I've been using some sensational beauty products, ogling over others, and buying some awesome kids clothing.

Here's what's been on my radar this month:

L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks, R149

These affordable masks have us tying back our hair, and prepping for more glowing skin. There are three masks in the range, and you only need to apply them for 10 minutes (yay for busy moms or impatient people). I like that you can choose a mask based on your skin need, and if you have a combination skin like me (oily T-zone and chin, and dry/dull cheeks), you can apply different masks on each area. It makes sense that you would target each area differently, for a different outcome, and the masks allow you to customise brilliantly. I'm still playing around with them, but so far, I love what I see in the mirror after using them.

The three masks are:

1. Pure Clay Mask enhanced with red algae extract to exfoliate and refine. This is great for rough and clogged skin for a more refined and smoother skin.

2. Pure Clay Mask with charcoal to illuminate, which is great for areas that need a "detox". It draws out impurities, and cleans and purifies.

3. Pure Clay Mask with eucalyptus to purity and mattify, for oily and shiny areas.

These masks feel good to apply – not too labour intensive or tricky, and the quick action time is a big plus. I have very sensitive skin, so I found the exfoliating mask on my cheeks a little too "rough", and they were slightly inflamed after.

My best is the detoxifying charcoal mask, and each time I use it, my skin has felt and looked much cleaner, and even a bit more even.

At these prices, and with such variety for skin types, these masks are well worth a face off.


Last month I raved about Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear. To recap, this Aussie range of bamboo underwear and basics (eg socks, tank tops, camis, leggings) is extremely comfortable. It's touted as a skin-friendly range – bamboo is very breathable and has moisture-wicking properties, which pulls sweat away from the skin to avoid irritation.

Bamboo is also said to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating (keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter), static-free, wrinkle-free and durable, which are features you'd probably want from your underwear and basics, if you think about it.

Boody has added a baby collection and you can expect the same brilliant materials that make up the adult range. The collection includes T-shirts, singlets, pull-on pants, pull-on shorts, long-sleeved shirts, bibs, socks, Muslin baby wraps, stretch jersey wraps for babies, beanies and booties. Prices start at around R169.95.

Boody is available at selected DisChem stores, independent pharmacies, health stores and online at www.boodywear.co.za.
For stockists, go to https://boodywear.co.za/apps/store-locator  

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, R650

I've been waving my pompoms about the Kiehl's MIdnight Recovery for years (who remembers a few readers and I did the challenge with the product a few years ago?)

For the first time, there's a cleanser in the range – the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. It contains squalane (considered by many as one of the best face oils, evening primrose oil, and lavender essential oil. According to Kiehl's, one of their studiens found that 94% of women said they didn't need to use another cleanser or makeup remover after using Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil.

If you're worried about cleansing your face with an oil, especially if you have oily skin to start off with, fear not. There's a lot to document that treating oil with oil is very effective, though you certainly don't need an oily face to use it.

The oil is light and slippery but not greasy, and has a pleasant lavender smell, which reminds me of being in a spa. To use, simply pump some into your hand, gently massage on your face (it's safe on eyes too), and add water to emulsify. You then rinse off, and will probably find a clean, soft and refreshed face, without any dryness.

Surprisingly, this stuff got my waterproof mascara and eyeliner off too – score! For eye makeup that doesn't come off this way, you can apply a few drops onto cotton wool, and wipe off.

Kiehl's Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream, R895

This is another winner from Kiehl's, and it's the first time that a cream combines the "wellness" ingredients of New Zealand Manuka honey and Korean red ginseng root in a 99.6% naturally derived formula. 

Manuka honey is used to treat eczema and acne, has antibacterial properties, and hydrates the skin, minimising the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and lines (note: it won't get rid of them, but just "hide them").

Korean red ginseng has antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, and stimulates skin cell turnover, thus improving texture, vitality and glow.

Kiehl's says that this moisturiser helps keep skin hydrated, while helping in recovery from existing skin damage. According to one of their clinical tests, skin's radiance and glow improve by 41.8% while texture and smoothness improved by 39.7%. 

Numbers aside, I love this cream. It has a lovely honey-type fragrance, and while I was expecting some time to get it in my skin since it's quite a thick cream, it goes on like a dream, and is instantly absorbed. My skin feels softer and looks more even and dewy, and I actually look forward to using it in the morning and at night (I've written before that sometimes applying creams feels like a chore, and I therefore skip it).

Though many might consider this a winter cream, for me it's still light enough for all the seasons, and the dry patches on my face are still thirsting for this. It's the bee's knees…



I recently came across this local baby and toddler range via Instagram, and then went and bought unicorn leggings, bunny leggings, and onesies (they also have awesome bandanas).

To shop or to have a look, head to their site.

OPI Fiji Collection

The new Fiji Collection from OPI makes me want to put on a dress, frolick in the ocean, and sip on a fun cocktail. It also makes me want to buy almost the entire collection.

This Fiji range is inspired by oceans, beaches, fauna and flora and has some bright colours mixed with neutral shades. There are some fun colour names too – Do You Sea What I Sea?, No Tan Lines, Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic, Polly Wants a Lacquer, Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, and Coconuts Over OPI.

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