All things hot – and not – on the hair front this year

April 7, 2017

There's not much that takes me from feeling like a drab mom to a fab than having my hair done. My hairdresser Shelene of Tanaz, who I often rave about, and use for quotes and info on this blog, answered some more of my hair-related questions about what's hot this year, and the best style for busy moms.

If you have any other questions that you'd like answered, let me know, and I'll add them to this post.

What is the biggest hair mistake most people make?

Not trimming your hair, which causes ends to split far up the head. Also, combing your hair from the top of your crown instead of ends first. This way you are less inclined to break the hair if there is a knot. 

People don't understand how important it is not to compromise the condition of their hair, we have clients wanting to go grey in a day, which takes time and budget. Clients come to the salon for colour and give me 1.5 hours… double that time please. I am an artist and need to be creative. 

What is the one thing women can do to have better hair?

Learn how to manage your hair, get the correct products for your hair. Trim regularly. Communicate with your hairdresser the time and budget that you have so you can plan the year. Always have a plan – it means you have something to look forward to.  

What is the hair product every woman should own?

Heat protection – there are very few women who own dryers but heat protection. 

What is the best haircut for easy maintenance for busy moms? 

I love the short or choppy long bob

What’s hot on the product side these days? 

Smartbond from L’Oréal! This treatment allows us to go a step further and look after the hair. It is not a miracle product though but rather a buffer product.

What old hair trend do you wish would come back? 

The perm is definately back – it's a slow process but definately there. Everybody wants movement and texture and whilst we can do it with the irons, they burn the hair. Perms will be about body and texture rather than curl. We achieve this by using different rod sizes. All chemical services damage hair so the hair has to be well managed and looked after.

What hair trend do you hope will never come back?

I hate the mullet and while everyone is trying to get this androgynous look it can go so wrong.    

What are the big style and colour trends this year?

Colour like ombre is out, and the look is more natural from root to tip. The big colour trends are foilyage and nude beige.

Foilyage is similar to balayage in that the hair colour is painted onto sections of the hair. These sections are then wrapped in foil to intensify the colour. The result is natural, with diffferent colour levels for light-catching results.ust like with balayage, the hair color is painted onto sections of the hair. However, these sections are then wrapped in foil, as you would when bleaching, to intensify the color. The result gives a natural-looking sweep of color that intensifies at the tips.

Nude beige uses the beige hair colour palette, playing with a mix of cool and warm tones for a subtle light gradient that's easy to wear. 

On the style side, waves and curls are in, along with interesting braids – parting braids, side braids, braided crowns etc.

L'Oreal faces Emmy Rappe and Hailey Baldwin show their copper foilyage and nude beige looks


Feature image: Shutterstock

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