Diarise: 12 May is Slipper Day (I hope you support it!)

May 2, 2017

By Clare Matthes

For 28 years the Reach For Dream (RFAD) Foundation, has instilled hope, joy and healing to many South African children between the ages of 3 and 18. These children were facing some of the worst times of their lives.

Turning the dreams of these ill children into a reality, RFAD aims to distract them from life- threatening illnesses such as cancer and leukemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, renal failure and various blood disorders for one light-hearted moment.

RFAD diverts the attention away from the needles, the medication and the hospital environment, by delivering on the promise of one magical moment to regain a piece of the childhood these youngsters are missing out on. They can escape the pressure to deal with medical issues and return to experiencing being young. So in short, Reach For A Dream makes very sick children’s dreams come true.

Mervyn Serebro, the RFAD Foundation chairperson, then tells a story of a very young boy who fell ill and was left with only a very short time to live. His dream was to meet Zimbabwean native and local rapper Snotkop.Budgets took time to approve, schedules were then adjusted and arrangements were made but the little boy passed away, just a day before he was meant to meet the star and have his dream realized.

“This is no longer an option,” says Serebro. “All the dreams that are realised do not make up for the one that isn’t! Every single one of these sick children should get their magic moment and if South Africans come out in support of Slipper Day, it will happen.”

So, 12th May this year will be the perfect excuse to wear your slippers in public, while supporting a very worthy cause. It’s the date of the annual Slipper Day 2017 with the Reach for a Dream Foundation.

South Africans are encouraged, with the likes of local celebs DJ Fresh, Carrol Boyes, Roxy Burger, Lira and Gert-Johan Coetzee, to show their support for this initiative.

Instead of the usual Slipper Day stickers, this year supporters can purchase a specially designed “strength, hope and courage” wristband, which entitles the wearer to don slippers to work or school on 12 May.

RFAD Foundation CEO, Julia Sotirianakos says, “A big thank you to all our donors, both large and small, who have made it possible for us to make sure children feel special during their times of illness. it means so much to them and to us, and I encourage you to support us once again as we work to put smiles back on faces.”

South Africans are urged to come together to buy their Slipper Day wristbands for only R10 and to wear their slippers all day on Friday 12 May. Wristbands will be available at all Pick ‘n Pay stores and Wimpy restaurants. Participation also entitles you to claim a free Wimpy coffee on the day. 

For more info and for great stories, like the RFAD page on Facebook

About Clare Matthes

Clare’s father swears she was born waving spirit fingers and singing tah-dah! in an oh-so-dahling-showbiz-esque manner. Nicknamed “Schnauze” because of her smart mouth and quick whit, Clare enjoys putting the world in words. Wordsmith by day and dance teacher by night, maybe the other way around, this sarcastic eye-roller-extraordinaire has a passion for putting things into text. Always finding it necessary to see the humour in things, she never shies away from a good old égoportrait (selfie).




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