Some of the best of the best products I’ve been trying this month

May 10, 2017

This month has been another goodie, and I've been using some products that will likely be on my favourites list for ages, and trying some newbies that have also taken me suprise. Here's what makes the list this month:

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic

If I could pick just one anti-ageing or treatment product to take with me on a dessert island (aside from sunscreen), it would be this one. In fact, I had read so many great reviews about C E Ferulic, which seemed to deliver exactly what the science and ingredients set out to achieve, that I requested to try it out, and I would not be even mildly exaggerating if I said my skin had never looked better in my 40s. It is however not just for 40s skin – it's for anyone who wants to protect their skin from future damage, and for those, like me, desperate for brighter and more even skin, and less of the pigmentation look.

From the onset I must say that it's not cheap – it's R2 225, which I realise is out of most people's pocket. However, I don't think there is anything close to this on chemist or standard beauty counter shelves, and since I don't plan to ever stop using it, I'll save/scrimp where necessary because it's my skin that I need to wake up to and with every day. This is just the stage I'm at, I guess, and the older I get, the more invested I am in using better stuff to actually do what the labelling says it will do.

So what is C E Ferulic exactly? Essentially, it's an antioxidant that protects the skin, and improves the signs of ageing. Its power ingredient is ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C that can boost collagen, and fight free radicals, which contribute to ageing. Vitamin C can also make a difference in the appearance of your skin by brightening, evening out your tone, and even reducing dark spots.

The product also includes Ferulic Acid, a potent antioxidant, which when used together with a broad spectrum sunscreen, increases its efficacy by about eight tims, which means it's protecting from sun damage while correcting existing damage. You only need a few drops in the morning, after washing.

If you're unsure whether a product like this is worth it, or whether it holds true to its claims, just Google it – there are many many rave reviews, and I'm yet to come across much negative (aside from some people commenting that it smells a bit like meat, which I also pick up on, but it's not terribly offensive and I only smell it on applying, not throughout the day).

It's available from these online stores:

Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box

Before you look at this palette and think that it's way too bold and bright, please reconsider. Yes, some of the colours might look like they should be in the 80s, but these colours are ones to embrace, and this is coming from someone who prefers very muted, natural colours (aside from dark pink or red lipsticks in most shades, which I'm not afraid of at all).

These colours are wearable and workable, and I'm the last of the eyeshadow pros, but even I (eye?) can get a decent day look from most of the colours, bar the blues, which I'm still not sold on for me. I'm always told by makeup artists to experiment and play around when I complain that I don't know much about applying eyeshadow, and they're probably right. A year ago I might have shunned this palette completely, but this time, I'm feeling braver, and I'm having fun with it.

The limited-edition palette (available until the beginning of June) contains seven "must-haves" from the permanent line, and three colours from "exclusives" from past sets. The palette comes with a mirror, and a double-ended brush: the blending brush can be used for just that, while the smudge end can be used to smooth in colour along the lash line for a smoky look. 

The Nocturnal Shadow Box is available for R650  from Urban Decay Sandton City, Foschini Eastgate and online at

LCN nail polish

This is another product I "stumbled upon", via a media pack. Along with lipsticks, nail polishes are my thing, and I'm glad to have discovered LCN for its fab colours and wear (I wore mine for six days with no chipping – a record for me for a home paint). I generally stick to OPI and Essie, but LCN will likely join my favourites.

Their current winter collection is called the Provoking Divas Collection, and each colour is around R125. You can find the polishes at select salons – head to the site for more info, or to buy online.


Lush Bubble Bars

I don't think I can bath anymore without one of these pampering bubble bars, and I stocked up on some more last weekend, because, as they say, winter is coming, along with much-needed (for me) warm-me-up baths.

There are some staple bubble bars, but it seems that they're regularly adding new ones to the collection, with a wide range of divine ingredients and smells. Unlike those fizz balls, which you pop into a bath for one-time usage, bubble bars last longer – crumble some or even place one under running water, and they create frothy and fragrant bubbles. Depending on the size and how much you use, a bubble bar could last up to eight baths. They start at about R55, and you can buy them instore or online.


Colief Baby Scalp Oil

This oil couldn't have arrived at a better time, since my baby has had a bit of cradle cap (dry patches on her scalp), which I haven't been able to treat with what I've got. It's also not bad or bothersome enough to have gone to the doc, so I mostly just left it, plus it wasn't that unsightly.

After about two days of rubbing this oil, which ocontains rosehip oil, chamomile and vitamin E into her scalp, her dry patches were gone, It's safe to use from ages two months and up, and though I haven't yet tried them, there are two reputedly other products in the range – vitamin D drops (for healthy bones and teeth), and Lactase Enzyme Drops (for breaking down lactose in milk, and potentially reducing crying in babies.

NuSkin products

I received an I Love My Mom gift box from NuSkin, and it's the first time I've ever tried this brand, having only read about it online. There might still be time to get the gift box, which comprises moisture gloves, moisture socks, hair wrap towel, hair mask, foot cream, hand lotion and body cream.

These skin products have done what they're meant to – smooth and moisturise my skin/hair, and they're easily aborbed, and pleasantly fragranced.

On the site, which is the only place to buy the products (aside from individual dealers), is a huge range of hair, skin and face products, and if you can think of a product, NuSkin probably has you covered. It's a range that's piqued my interest, and I'm very curious and keen to try more products beyond the basics I've tried.


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