If you haven’t joined Woolworths Littleworld, you’re missing out on savings, freebies and more

May 25, 2017

There are rewards programmes that make you jump through hoops and offer "rewards" only after hard work, and then there are rewards programmes that offer you lots for very little. 

Woolworths Littleworld is the latter – it's easy (literally one minute onlline, and involving very little admin) and free to sign up, and the benefits are aplenty. And since you all know the costs of raising a child, every bit helps, especially when you're dealing with the quality of Woolies items and offerings.

As a Littleworld member, you will receive:

  • An exclusive welcome voucher emailed to you
  • Automatic entry into our monthly Littleworld competition with purchases of R450 or more
  • Instant WRewards savings
  • R50 Woolworths voucher towards a birthday treat
  • Giveaways and regular updates on Woolies fashion, food and events
  • Invitations to Mom's Tours with our nutrition experts

Join today and you'll be treated to a free spa voucher when you spend R450 or more!

But wait, there's more…if you join this month, you and four friends stand a chance to win a tea party with Meg Faure, the well-known child specialist and author of popular parenting books. You'll also receive a Woolies gift card worth R1 000, plus a signed copy of a Meg Faure book.

Once you're a member, keep swiping your Woolies card as every swipe is an entry. Ts and Cs apply, and the competition ends on 31 May 2017. For more info, head here.

It's good to know that not only does Woolies cover us with a great rewards system, but their baby clothing meets the highest level of safety. I would have thought this would be standard practice across baby wear, but it appears not. A few weeks ago, my baby somehow managed to pull off the top part of a popper, and then had it in her mouth, which gave me a massive fright.

Here are the boxes Woolies ticks in terms of clothing safety:

  • All metal trims are nickel (no allergic reaction) & ferrous free (so that it can pass through metal detection as a safety measure for pins etc.
  • The UV swimsuit fabric is tested and rated to provide a UPF rating that gives you much needed protection against harmful UV rays even when wet Ithis is something I've never given much thought to, but it makes perfect sense – we apply sunscreen to their bodies, but what about under the swimsuits?)
  • Selected school shirt fabric is also engineered to give at least UPF 30
  • Popper attachment is regularly tested to ensure that they do not pull loose from the garment
  • A facing is attached to the top of the zip to prevent the zip coming into contact with baby’s skin (this is another feature I love especially, after getting my own skin painfully caught in zips before)
  • Fusing attached behind the embroidery to prevent scratching the skin
  • Pin-free policy – prohibits use of pins on sewing floor at factories
  • All draw cords are kept short and tacked to the garment.  No cords around neck of baby wear
  • All buttons are lockstitched so that they do not come loose
  • Many products are made with reflective trims

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