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June 28, 2017

These days, you can buy beauty products on many sites, but one of my favourites and a notch up from the rest, for its wonderfully curated and handpicked products is The Beautiful Store. Going through the site feels a bit like browsing through someone's precious makeup/toiletry drawer and discovering new beauties and old favourites.

I chatted to The Beautiful Store team to find out more about them, and what sets them apart:

Describe The Beautiful Store in five words?

Excellent, caring, personal, user-friendly, committed

Why and when was it started?

The store was started a couple of years ago; however, in March this year we had a full re-brand and re-design which is more in keeping with where we are and what we would like to offer customers. The Beautiful Store was started to give customers an easy opportunity to have access to beautiful products together with the convenience of having them delivered to their door. Life is busy, having what you need delivered means 1 less thing to worry about. In addition, it is an opportunity to see what else there is out there, all in the comfort of your own home.

How does it differ from other online beauty stores?

We believe that we offer exceptional and, where appropriate, personal customer service. There are other stores offering a similar concept; however, we always try to make sure our customers know they are individually extremely important to us. Most of our customers are recurring which is the highest compliment they can give us. Or alternatively they are referred to us which is equally complimentary.

We understand that shopping online can be impersonal especially when it comes to skin and hair care – we change that. You have the convenience while enjoying the level of human interaction you would like. Some people don’t want any human interaction and that is also fine. But if there is any way we can assist, we will do everything we can. Just this past weekend one of our customers wanted to order something for a family member who was flying to London on Sunday night. Our Owner got into her car and delivered the order on Sunday morning because that is what we do – we take care of our customers.

What are some of the bestselling products?

Natural products are definitely attractive to shoppers now and we have found all of our local ranges are almost equally in favour. It seems as if some months a particular brand receives more attention and then other months, it’s something else. But every brand we carry is exceptional and offers something for everyone.

Care & Repair PLUS, which is under our own brand, remains a constant best seller and the response to it has been phenomenal. It suits all skin types which has also been in its favour as it is not limiting. And it is the solution to so many things, from simply as a daily moisturiser to really helping with skin issues (such as pigmentation, ezcema, scarring, etc.)

What are your favourite products on the site, and why?

We love them all! Which sounds like the perfect answer but to be really honest, we only add brands that we particularly like. And we find those that do what they say they will do. Makeup is a new area for us and this has been such fun with the team fighting to try products! We are a small team but all have very different skin so it’s great to sell products that we know will mostly suit everyone.

Of course we would also have to say our very own range of French face masks called Tara & Jack. They are magnificent (and perfect as gifts too!) and there is a noticeable difference to your skin after use. We wanted something that was our very own and even though we adore local products, we are also in love with anything French. After finding the right production team to make our masks, we started importing them this year. The actual product comes from France but we use local suppliers for all our designs and packaging. There is something for all skin types and even one for special occasions that has gold specks in it. Such fun!

Are there any new products/additions we can expect on the site?

We are constantly looking for new brands that suit our store and hope to announce some exciting new developments soon. Right now though we are very proud of our current list and hope to see them continue to sell well. We also regularly run some magnificent competitions so hope everyone will follow us on facebook, twitter and/or instagram and hopefully win some of these beautiful prizes.

What else should shoppers know about?

Aside from our skin and hair care products, we are also very proud of our new loyalty program that we have implemented called Beauty Star Rewards. We so appreciate our customers and are committed to giving them rewards that really make shopping on our store worthwhile. To start off we no longer charge delivery. This is a huge step for us given that courier charges are extremely expensive and so it has been a lot for us to take on – however, we do promote the ’convenience’ of shopping online and battle with making people pay for the very thing we are trying to promote and therefore have chosen to remove a delivery fee. Hopefully we will be able to continue with this option but, of course, that will also be dependent on the store’s continued popularity.

With the Beauty Star Reward programme, all new customers receive a R50 voucher simply for signing up on our store. Rewards can also be earned for sharing on social media or introducing others to the store. Of course we hope that this encourages customers to shop with us who will then see that we are committed to making sure they have the best experience possible – which is what they deserve.

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  • An Ordinary Gal

    I just placed an order with them this week. Service has been exceptional thus far. Great interview!

    June 28, 2017 at 9:28 am Reply
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