Here’s how one brand is trying to make breakfast better for SA kids

July 4, 2017


What did you have for breakfast this morning? Was it cereal perhaps, toast and eggs, a smoothie, or just coffee (not quite breakfast, but I know how it goes).

Some days, I have rolled oats and yoghurt, or poached eggs and toast, but on days I'm low on time (which is getting more frequent), I get a scone from the canteen at work, which I realise is the equivalent of eating sweets, and not the best way to fuel me for a few hours.

At the Rama #GoodBreakfast event in Soweto last week, they launched a new breakfast initiative (more about that in a bit), and one of the nutrition experts there said that a good breakfast has a mix of good carbs (ie something that will give a slow release of energy), protein, fibre and good fat. My scone of course ticks none of these boxes, which got me thinking hard about how to improve what I eat on the busy days. By the way, if you're looking to check how healthy your breakfast is, you can do so on the Rama website.

Aside from Rama giving you the tools to improve your own and your kids' breakfast, they're also trying to ensure that kids around South Africa get the best start to their day, with a nutritious breakfast. It probably comes as no surprise that kids go to school hungry every day (around 6 out of 10 children). Rama's research showed that poor nutrition among school-going children diminishes their cognitive performance, and that without a good breakfast, children can have problems concentrating and performing complex tasks. 

Studies also show that 86% of children reported that eating breakfast before school helped them to concentrate better and 89% said that it gave them energy for the rest of the day.

Their solution? Along with the support of the Department of Basic Education, at the end of August Rama will launch a Good Breakfast schools programme to try and improve learners' breakfast habits, to ultimately improve their school performance and wellbeing.

Rama’s Good Breakfast schools programme will teach children what a good breakfast is, and then make a good breakfast a daily habit through a 21-day behaviour change programme. Children who take part in the programme will also learn a song, The Breakfast Beat, written and recorded by ProVerb, the Rama Good Breakfast ambassador (he performed this song at the event with a group of learners, and it was incredible!)

At the event, we also watched a short video that Rama created called Future Dreams, which features kids from various backgrounds talking unscripted about what they want to be when they grow up. The video is a reminder how many things can help children reach their potential, including a good breakfast. Watch it below – it's heartwarming and inspiring!


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