I tried it: Placecol Resurfacing Facial

August 10, 2017

I have probably walked past Placecol in Norwood about 100 times (really) and not really given it much thought, other than "that looks like a nice salon", and "that's the salon that a colleague once told me saved her skin from acne scarring and breakouts".

So when I was invited to Placecol for a facial treatment, I was curious, and on a quest to try and improve my skin (I'm still battling with pigmentation and blemishes), I said yes.

I haven't had a facial in many years. To be honest, they used to irritate me – the small talk with the therapist, the massage (yup, I'm one of those few people who don't always love massage), and that I never really see amazing results, plus I usually get the lectures on what I should be doing for my skin, and feel guilted into buying products. Also, most of the facials I've had haven't felt effective – basically just cleansing and rubbing in of products.

But I wanted to give it a shot, so I went, not expecting a whole lot. I also didn't know what type of treatment I'd be getting, until it was explained by my wonderful therapist Jenine that she would assess my skin, and give me a treatment based on my needs.

The assessment didn't yield surprising results – my skin is pigmentated. blemished and dehydrated, and so a resurfacing facial was recommended.  This facial includes microdermabrasion (exfoliating of the surface layer of the skin to push fresh, even-toned skin to the surface) with soft laser technology to renew the skin's surface, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and sun-damaged skin. I also had an extraction to get ride of blackheads, and clear my pores.

To my surprise, I enjoyed talking to Jenine, and the massage during the "down time" of the treatment like the steaming was so welcome. I bought a product (through my own doing and deciding) – the Placecol Gentle Exfoliating Treatment. It has AHA acids to gently remove dull and dead skin cells, and it's one of those beauty routines I've often ignored and been so scared to do because my skin is so sensitive. This however is very gentle, and I'm looking forward to ditching those bad boy skin cells when I use this.

Do I have flawless non-pigemented now? Absolutely not. Is my skin glowing a little more, and feeling a little softer? Yes. Is this the first step to a montly regime of facial treatments that could eventually make a good shift? I'm pretty sure it will.

For more info on the products and treatments, go to the website. The facials and products are extremely well priced, and worth checking out.


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  • Carol

    I haven’t had a professional facial for a while! I would like something for a mature skin with some pigmentation and probably exfoliation. I also need some treatment round eyes for dark circles specifically when I wake up and that hollow look! My skin is not Bad as I’m turning 70 soon but I would like to improve what I can!! Please advise!!

    March 18, 2020 at 9:22 am Reply
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