Before choosing a pram, here are 12 questions to ask

August 23, 2017

I know how confusing and overwhelming it is buying a pram, especially if you’re a first-time parent.

Here, Marion Smith, mom of four, and chairlady of the SA Multiple Birth Association, shares pram-choosing guidance (these first appeared in Multiple Seasons magazine.

1 What kind of terrain will you be strolling on?

For bumpy or twisty roads, or if you’d like to go running, camping or hiking with your babies, then you’ll need flexible suspension and sturdy wheels. Also look for a pram with bigger wheels.

Crowded city pavements or busy malls require good suspension and wheels, but make sure they’re not too big so you can easily weave in and out of the crowds. A smaller-framed pram is also better for navigating busy shopping aisles.

Any kind of pram works for spacious neighbourhood with flat pavements- you’ll just need to take into consideration what other features you want your pram to have; for instance, do you need to consider extreme weather conditions?

2 Does the pram have forward and rearward facing options?

Most prams from birth have both rearward and forward facing positions, since the period between birth and nine months is a vital time for your babies to be able to make eye contact with you. In a rear-facing pram, baby will be able to see you and hear your voice, which is very comforting and reassuring.

3 Is your boot big enough?

If you have a small car, it is not recommended that you buy a bulky pram. Remember you still need to fit the grocery shopping around it

4 Are you strong enough to lift and shift the pram?

Even though you are only lifting the pram between the car boot and the ground, make sure you are comfortable with the weight , especially when collapsing it and popping it back up again. Practise these moves on a few prams because some are easier to collapse than others,

5 Will your pram be part of a travelling system?

You are going to want to take a walk with your little ones, so make sure you get a pram that can carry newborns. Some prams come with an optional newborn inner, so you can keep your car seat in your car but you can also get a carry cot for your pram if you prefer.

Consider a pram that is part of a travel system, one that comes with a car seat, carrycot and base, A travel system ensures that everything is compatible and you don’t to do a separate research for each of these items

6 Is your partner much taller or shorter than you are?

Make sure you both feel comfortable with the handle bar height of your pram. Some prams have adjustable handles, which is great, but if not, both of you should do a test drive and make sure you are not too hunched over.

7 How easy is the pram to clean?

That seat is going to get dirty over time, so make sure it is easy to clean or has removable, washable seats, A darker colour hides stains better, but if you do choose a lighter colour, ensure material is dirt and water resistant

8 What accessories are important to you?

Lots of prams have optional extras like cup holders, umbrellas, rain covers, mosquito nets and toys and even buggy boards for your toddles to stand on. Toddlers find this very funny and it prevents you from getting whiplash looking for them in malls.

9 Does your pram offer shade?

You need to think of the weather conditions you are going to expose your babies to, Do you like to go camping, hiking or for walks on the beach? If so, you will need a pram with a large and more resilient sun canopy.

10 One pram…. or more?

If you are a quite jet setter, then having more than one pram is a good idea, as you could leave your Heavier, bigger pram at home, them take a smaller, simpler, lightweight stroller with you on your travels.

11 Side by side or tandem?

Do you want your babies to interact with each other as they get older ( and pull items off the shop shelves ) or do you want them one behind the other and you rotate who has a turn in front to have your undivided attention. Also look at shopping isles and fitting through them and the security at the entrance to shops.

12 Are you a triplet parent?

Do you want a triplet pram that is long and will become very heavy and difficult to manoeuvre as they grow up. When it comes to resale there are fewer people expecting triplets. You could either have a twin pram and a singleton pram or the triplet pram, which means only one person needs to push it around.

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