Interesting read: John Lewis department store removes gender labels from children’s clothing

September 4, 2017

John Lewis department store has become the first UK retailer to remove boys' and girls' labels from its kids clothing. They have also done away with separate sections in stores.

The John Lewis own-brand children clothing will now just say “Girls & Boys” or “Boys & Girls.”

The department store said it did not want to "reinforce gender stereotypes" with its childrenswear clothing from 0-14 years. School uniforms are still in gender categories but are likely to switch to unisex soon.

The clothing offerings haven't changed – there are still skirts and dresses, but the message is that they can be worn by both girls and boys. They’ve also launched a new unisex clothing line for children, featuring dinosaur print dresses and spaceship tops.

The last store to make such a strong gender-neutral move was US chain Target, which in 2015 removed gender-based signs in their stores – eg "Girls' bedding".


Via The Independent

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  • Stephanie Videira

    Yep as it should be, kids choose what they like and not what us as society say is for boys or girls

    September 5, 2017 at 8:07 pm Reply
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