How’s this for a campaign…Huggies World’s First Baby Marathon

September 14, 2017

I've been seeing several Huggies First Baby Marathon posters at work, as I work at the same agency that worked on the campaign. Firstly, the campaign has four of the cutest babies I have ever seen, and secondly, it's a clever way to see how much babies move in seven days.

It starts on Monday 18 September, and four babies will be kitted out with distance-tracking devices to see how far they crawl and move about each day around their homes. Research has shown that babies can generally move anywhere between 1-7 km in a day, and The World’s First Baby Marathon is going to test this.

The competitors are (and I love the nicknames): 8-month-old Ramon “Thunder Pants” Thobejane, 9-month-old Grayson “Racin’ Grayson” Llewellyn, 11-month-old, Thando “Hurricane Thando” Sithole and 7-month-old Danté “Danger Boy” Gurumurthi.

During the run-up to the marathon, you can go to and check out the babies’ profiles and find out more about their likes, training techinques and even what Huggies nappy they're wearing. 

You can sign up to The World’s First Baby Marathon to stay informed about each different stage of the marathon. When you sign up you'll receive a unique race number, which will put you into the draw to win some amazing Huggies® and adidas hampers.

Also, watch this trailer – it's exceptionally cute:

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