My child’s eighth birthday party that had everyone jumping for two hours!

September 28, 2017

There are moms who love planning kids' parties and who do it with ease, and then there's me who panics, overstresses and overthinks parties. What will they eat? What if no one comes? What if everyone comes? What if the kids don't have fun? What happens if the parents don't have fun? What if there's not enough food? What happens if it all becomes very expensive?

This year, the stress and overthinking were lifted by Bounce, who gave my eight-year-old son Max and his friends a phenomenal celebration. All I really had to do was watch my baby, drink cappuccino, and chat to the moms. 

For those who don't know it, Bounce is a huge indoor trampoline partk, and you can find them at Waterfall, Fourways and Menlyn. Ther are several trampoline areas at Bounce – Free Jump, Slam Dunk, HIgh Performance, Dodge Ball, Super Tramp, Big Bag, The Wall, and Clip n Climb.

My son had been a few times and loved it, and as an adult it's pretty awesome too – lots of teambuilding, events and fitness classes take place here too.

For Max's party, the "hardest" thing I had to do was choose which platters to buy (I chose sandwiches, and a doughnut paltter and a pastries platter), send the invites, and decide whether the kids would get juice or water.

Everything else was sorted by Bounce, and the kids got a Bounce party host Manareh, who was incredible with the kids. She led the kids to the different play areas, demonstrated moves, got the energy going, and ensured that everyone was following the rules. She even took them for a water break at the middle of their bouncing session

You know it's been a geat party when at "hometime", the kids are asking for more bounce time, and instead of being on a sugar high, they're on a high from jumps, somersaults, throwing balls and bouncing.

A party package includes:

  • Official Bounce grips socks for everyone
  • 2 hours of jumping
  • Up to 45 minutes access to your very own party room
  • A dedicated party host to guide you through all the action: including Dodgeball, Slam Dunk, Free-jump, Big Bag & Performance areas
  • Customisable food options to fuel your crew, packed in a cool Bounce party box
  • Reserved area for party parents to watch the kids having a blast. Platters can be pre-booked and enjoyed in the reserved area
  • 5 free coffees for parents
  • A free pass for the birthday boy / girl’s next visit (redeemable Mon-Fri)
  • 3 free printed photo-booth pictures of your party squad

Good to know:

  • You can order a range of sweet and savoury food platters
  • Birthday cakes are also available
  • There is a cafe where you can order drinks and snacks
  • Food platters and party packs are only served in the party room after two hours of jumping (but you can buy snacks and drinks during the party)
  • There are add-ons you can buy for the party packs or just to have, such as stickers, wrist bands and water bottles. You can also buy balloons.
  • Parties are divided into three categories: Junior Jumpers (for 3-5 year olds), Kids Party (for 5-12 year olds), and Off the Wall (for 12 years and up).

To book or for more info, head here.

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  • MrsFF

    Such a great party idea! And no clean up for mama to do after it is all over! And the icing on the cake (pun intended) no sugar highs . What could trump that

    October 2, 2017 at 6:42 am Reply
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