Are you giving your family a good breakfast? Rama breaks down what a good breakfast is

October 10, 2017




By now you might know that without a decent breakfast, kids probably won't have a decent day at school. They might have a hard time concentrating, and doing complex tasks, which affects school performance. Studies also show that 86% of children reported that eating breakfast before school helped them to concentrate better and 89% said that it gave them energy for the rest of the day.

Since it's National Nutrition Week this week, we're chatting about breakfasts – the good kind. According to Rama, a good breakfast has a mix of good carbs (ie something that will give a slow release of energy), protein, fibre and good fat, and to be honest, some mornings we don't tick those boxes at all.

My son might just have an apple, or a plain roll, or, gasp – a small piece of cake/bit of cupcake before he rushes to school. Other days it's better – French toast, scrambled eggs with toast, last night's leftover sushi, or a peanut butter sandwich. (PS: if you want to see how healthy your breakfast is, you can do so on on the Breakfast Check on the Rama website).

This Breakfast Check is just one way that Rama is trying to help South Africans start off their days a little better. They've also launched the Good Breakfast schools programme to try and improve learners' breakfast habits, which will ultimately improve their school performance and wellbeing.

Rama’s Good Breakfast schools programme will teach children what a good breakfast is, and then make a good breakfast a daily habit through a 21-day behaviour change programme. Children who take part in the programme will also learn a song, The Breakfast Beat, written and recorded by ProVerb, the Rama Good Breakfast ambassador.


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