Your kids will love these – Christmas Elf Kits from Santa

October 23, 2017

I figure you've probably heard about the fun family tradition involving an elf on a shelf, but if you're like me (ie, not Christian) and aren't familiar, it's a Christmas decoration that sits on the shelf of kids' homes in the lead-up to Christmas. The elf watches over the kids, and then reports back to Santa on whether they should be on the nice or naughty list.

It seems like a great family tradition, and you could get onto the bandwagon too with amazing elf sets available locally. My son, who believes in Father Christmas and who celebrates with our other family each year, loves the elf idea, and has his one from Array Toys (available from Elf For Christmas) up on his shelf. There's never been a cuter motivator for good behaviour than the cute elf.

You can choose between a boy and girl elf, which both come with report cards, personalised rewards charts, stickers and Nice List certificates for parents (and even teachers) to fill out. 

Here's what you can expect in a kit:

  • Boy or Girl Christmas Elf Toy – A limited-edition Christmas elf, about 28cm tall.
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa – Straight from the North Pole, explaining why Elf is here (designed so you can personalise it with your child's name).
  • Mini Elf Report cards for good behaviour. There are also two Naughty List warning cards.
  • 2 x Letter to Santa templates – have some fun writing to the Big Man himself with this official North Pole Correspondence. There is also a space for drawing Santa a picture too.
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates with space to personalise the certificate with your child's name and a description of exactly what they have achieved.
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a sheet of Elf Stickers – Personalise the chart with your child's name and choose tasks you would like them to try. Ideal for household chores, tidying, reading, kindness or potty training. A fun way to reward good behaviour every day.
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign – Something fun for your front door or kid's door.
  • Departure Letter from Elf, thanking you for your hospitality. Perfect to leave out on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning when Elf has departed.
  • A Thank You postcard which you can send to your children, from Elf, in January to thank them for looking after Elf. 

The site also stocks a book, a North Pole Sticker Set, and an Advent Letter Set, which are worth a look too.

Recommended retail prices for the products are:

Boy or Girl Christmas Elf Toy & Magical Reward Kit – R495

Magical Christmas Reward Refill Kit – R225

Elf’s First Adventure Illustrated Story Book – R135

Magical Elf Door – R465

24 Advent Letters – R265

North Pole Sticker Set – R245


Elf for Christmas products are available at and; and will be at other leading retailers and local toy stores from October.

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  • Keri

    My son RJ has his naughty days. So we told him he is Santa helper. If listens, Santa will bring him present. 🙂

    October 23, 2017 at 7:04 am Reply
  • melindaqueck

    This is too adorable, will HAVE to get one!

    October 24, 2017 at 12:49 pm Reply
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