Chanel, Urban Decay and Burt’s Bees – one beauty insider’s best products

November 2, 2017

In this week's beauty feature, Pippa Lovemore shares her beauty bests, and regrets. Pippa works as the PR & creative director for 4Elements Media, a boutique PR company that specialises in beauty, lifestyle and travel brands. Pippa, who has a make-up qualification, has worked for cosmetic retail for The Body Shop, and in PR for Clarins (plus other stints in publishing!)

Here's what's on Pippa's radar, and in her makeup bag:

What’s in your makeup bag?

I use a setting spray, Urban Decay’s All Nighter, so this definitely makes my look last! Therefore I never really carry a mini make-up kit around all day, unless I’m going from work straight to an event or something.

I generally just have Clarins Hand & Nail Cream (it has won so many awards for a reason), Airwaves, eye drops, and then a mix of lip options:

  • Burt’s Bees Balm (told you I’m obsessed)
  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 01, natural pink balmy gloss
  • Pop of colour if I need it, I tend to go for pinks or a shade with a mauve/purple undertone like Urban Decay in ZZ or a firm favourite as it’s a balm like lipstick, MAC Patent Polish pencil in Patent Pink. MAC in Snob and Saint Germain are in there too. I like to mix balms and lipsticks together to get a softer look.

 What's your biggest beauty regret?

Most definately not wearing enough sunscreen when I was younger! I think most people in my generation will say this. All we wanted was a golden tan and summer sunkissed hair, and baby oil and lemon juice were the answer. The results now look back at me in the mirror!

What’s the one product you would love to try?

I’ve been very lucky to have experienced and worked for many outstanding products and brands throughout my career, so I have tried a lot of skincare and make-up in my time. No one skin care product is jumping to mind right now. So, I’d have to say probably a hair care product that I can see a visible difference to my colour/shine and hair quality. Many claim a difference, but I’m yet to find one that I’m 100% sold on.

Your favourite lipstick?

I’ve always been more of a gloss and balm betty rather than a lipstick lover, as I don’t have a great lip shape to rock a solid lip. However, when I do apply colour, Urban Decay and MAC get whipped out of my make-up stash. I find the colour payoff, lasting quality and shade offering are great! Burt’s Bee’s original lip balm is always on hand, always!

Favourite fragrance?

I adore fragrance, I always match to mood, occasion or outfit. So it is hard, to choose one.

Mugler Alien EDP and Clarins Eau des Jardins will forever be in my top three. The third spot varies but generally will be a scent that captures my attention because it reminds me of sultry summer days, has aquatic/fresh notes, lasting power and warmer notes such as coconut, peony, sandalwood, patchouli… a good example would be Ellie Saab Resort Collection.

Best beauty tip?

Feed your face in more ways than one!

  • Feed it by educating yourself on YOUR skin needs. Use the correct product for YOUR concerns rather than piling on the newest cosmetic must-have item. Spend money on a multi-purpose high-end skin care product that will feed your skin with what it needs and give you results, for me that’s been the SkinCeuticals Antioxidants and the HA Intensifier. If you get this item right then you don’t have to necessarily spend a fortune on every other item in your routine like face wash and day cream. Keep your skin care routine as simple as possible and be consistent.
  • Feed your face more mindfully, be more aware of what you are feeding your skin with from the inside, as this does play a part in what your skin looks like too.


What deodorant and perfume are you wearing right now?

Clarins Eau des Jardins – summer is in the air and this fragrance is summer in a bottle.

Nivea Invisible – great fresh scent and the whole “no white marks” is true.

What hair products are you currently using?

A mix really of Redken Colour Extend Magnetics, Vichy Dercos and Pureology.

What is the one beauty look you wish you could create?

I studied make-up back in the day, so I would hope that I could still create any look and that I haven’t lost my touch after being on the corporate side of the industry for so many years. However, one look I wish I could create and which suited me, but doesn’t, would be a classic red lip and perfectly even-winged liquid liner.


What treatment/product would you never use/try again?

Laser hair removal didn’t work on me, so I’d be hesitant to try that again.

The top seven beauty items you would take to an island?

  1. Mascara – Clarins Supra Volume
  2. Lip balm – Burt’s Bees
  3. Dry Shampoo – CO Lab
  4. Clarins BB Detox Fluid with SPF 25 (this one is great as I find it is the perfect balance between BB cream, sun screen and foundation)
  5. Suncream for body – I prefer an oil-free spray to a cream so one of my favourites either:





    1. Clarins Oil-free Lotion Spray SPF 15, I never burn with this product, I adore it!
    2. Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronze SPF 50, for those higher protection needs, nifty packaging and tan enhancing properties.

What are your daily makeup staples to create your look?

  • Clarins Instant Light concealer, great coverage for dark circles
  • Mix Clarins Beauty Flash with my foundation choice for the day (depending on coverage desired), this helps to set foundation and give you a gorgeous glow.
  • A brow product of sorts to fill and neaten- Urban Decay Brow Kit is good, so is a spoolie with a matte eyeshadow to match brow.
  • 2, or 3, layers of Clarins Supra Volume mascara
  • Bronzer/blusher combo – really love Urban Decay’s Beached Bronzer in Bronzed a stunning natural fine matte bronzer. The packaging is pretty too! Clarins contouring palette surprised me, the payoff is good on my complexion. I use the bronze tone to contour and the blusher on the apples of my cheeks
  • Highlighter – I’m big on these, as I love a glowing look rather than a matte powder finish. LUSH has a product called Shimmy Shimmy, it’s meant as a bronze body tint bar, but I love to use it as a highlighter on my face especially cheekbones. Trick: I heat it up a little with hairdryer, then dab it onto desired area. It works a charm!


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