Col’Cacchio has rebranded, and a fantastic menu (kids, vegetarians, Banters, the weight-conscious included)

November 28, 2017

Col’Cacchio is 25 years old, and has been rebranded – the decor and menu have been given a nip and tuck, and everything just feels and tastes better, and it’s definitely gone from being a takeaway option as I used to experience it, to a cool venue to go with the kids.

In fact, I was only planning on featuring some pics on Facebook and Instagram stories, but had such a great meal and time, that I “had to” write a post too. 

So what’s on offer? You can build your own pizzas, or choose from their gourmet combos, and if you’re undecided, get a half and half. There are kids’ pizzas and pastas, Banting pizza and pasta options, and lots for vegetarians (it took me ages to decide what to eat – the choice was a large and tempting one). New too are their breakfasts.

Here are just some of the menu highlights you can expect:

Giardino salad: Lettuce, spinach, rocket, zucchetti, broccoli, avocado, egg, sesame seeds, truffle yuzu dressing

Sorrento salad: Lettuce, roasted butternut, roasted red pepper, grilled baby marrow, pumpkin seeds, basil, spicy seed brittle, sweet potato strings, ranch dressing (I had this and it was divine)

Polpette: Beef meatballs served on sweet potato discs with caramelised onions and Parmesan

Green Genie pizza: Avo, balsamic glaze, feta, roasted beetroot, roasted garlic, roasted butternut, rocket, Parmesan, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, shiitake mushroom

Zucca pizza: Vegan cheese, butternut and tomato base, roasted butternut, roasted beetroot, rocket, avo, sesame seeds, pumpkin

Lest we not forget about desserts, these now include citrus pancakes, vanilla ice cream profiteroles, chocolate pizza, chocolate brownies, tiramisu and chocolate sundae.


Good to know:

Young kids get dough to play with (these can be baked in the pizza oven), wax crayons and paper. All Bambini pizzas are available in wheat- and gluten-free options.

For more info visit or follow them on Facebook:

You can also download the Col’Cacchio Rewards app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and unlock rewards.

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