Krayons listened to moms, and revamped their product packaging

November 28, 2017


Don’t you love it when great products keep the formulas that make them great, but add a bit of a refresh to their packaging (it’s much the same feeling as getting a new hair colour and cut!).

Krayons, a 30-year-old range of products for babies and children, has beautiful new packaging, a result from feedback received from moms who felt that the brand’s look needed a bit of a nip and tuck. Basically, we asked, and they listened and created some pretty packaging.

The Krayons packaging has been updated to include a new logo, a softer colour palette as well as new round jars that make it easier for moms to grip and open. When giving their feedback moms said that they wanted assurance from the brand that the formulation was developed specifically for babies, hence the addition of the word “Babies” to the logo and the addition of the word “gentle” across the range.

While Krayons has undergone a packaging change, they say that their product formulae remain the same, so you can expect just what you were getting before, and what’s been loved and trusted for three decades. The products have also been endorsed by an independent dermatologist.

The range consists of lightly fragranced Petroleum Jelly’s, Aqueous Creams and Bar Soaps available in different convenient sizes as well as a fragrance-free Petroleum Jellys.  The products contain glycerine and vitamin E to assist in cleansing and moisturising the skin.

Prices start from about R10,45 for a bar of soap, to R36,95 for petroleum jelly.

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