Look at one mom’s clever hack to help her baby waking up for her dummy

January 9, 2018

Have you ever had to wake up once or more during the night to give your baby a dummy because they had lost theirs? One mom from the UK has found a hack to solve that problem.

Laura Gerson came up with a clever trick to help her daughter Amelia sleep through, without waking for a dummy. She shared her photo hack on the Facebook group The Motherload and it got thousands of shares, comments and likes.

The hack involves leaving dummies scattered around the cot so that your child can find one if theirs falls out during the night.



Laura says she hasn’t had to go in to her daughter’s room at night for about eight months and adds:“I don’t even wanna think about the time when the ’dummy fairy’ comes to take them away though!”


Via Huffington Post

Feature image: Shutterstock

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