The 12 products I’d choose for my wellness

March 13, 2018

Wellness Warehouse asked me for 12 of my favourite things from their site, which I’m keen to share here too.

Here are my 12 bests (and it was hard to get it down to just a dozen!)

1. Skin Creamery Oil-Milk Facial Cleanser

Why: This local brand’s products are on my is on my “must-try” list and this oil-milk cleanser has rave reviews for being an effective cleanser that feels just lovely.

Price: R373,95


2. Skin Creamery Skin Tonic Spray

Why: This is a new Skin Creamery product, and contains malachite, baobab and rose water, and is said to hydrate and nurture skin.

Price: R489,95


3. Buttanutt Roasted Macadamia Nut Butter

Why: Um, roasted macadamias? Do I really need to explain this heaven in a jar?

Price: R84,95

4 Herbaforce Arnica Oil

Why: I love this stuff for easing tired and sore muscles, and it’s great for after long runs.

Price: R74

5 Pura Sport Aqua Bottle

Why: This stainless-steel bottle has a grip and silicone mouthpiece, and I like that it holds R850ml.

Price: R365



6. AeroPress Coffee Maker

Why? We have two of these brilliant gadgets already, and when we go away, we take them with. It might sound greedy, but another one would be amazing for work, and for making more than one or two cups at a time.

Price: R695


7. Organic Shop Brazilian Coffee Body Scrub

Why: I’ve never used this, but I like scrubs, and the smell of coffee, so I think this would be a brilliant match.

Price: R99,99

8. Wellness Yoga Mat

Why: It’s pink! And I could do my stretching and ab exercises on it.

Price: R249

9 The Real Thing Pro Protein Powder

Why: I’m a vegetarian and have just starting taking this. It’s said to improve joint strength and decrease joint pain, plus the lean protein is good for building lean muscle mass (it’s apparently good for skin, hair and nails too).

Price: R294,95



10 Charisma Czarina Forest Rain Diffuser

Why: I just love the look and sound of it, and I have a gorgeous Charisma candle, so I’m guessing this fragrance is also lovely.

Price: R329,99



11 Viralchoice

Why: I swear by this stuff to strengthen by son’s immunity. I’ll be giving this to him and my toddler daily in winter.

Price: R114


12 Multigenics Metagenics

Why: This multivitamin gets recommended to me time and time again, and I’d like to give it a shot for better health and optimal functioning (who could resist this promise?)

Price: R444

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  • Michelle

    Hi there. This is a great list! What does The Real Thing Pro Protein Powder taste like?

    March 13, 2018 at 2:35 pm Reply
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