Forget tiger moms and helicopter moms. Unicorn moms are in

March 26, 2018

Unicorn mothers are not a new thing, but perhaps it’s because unicorns are still trending at the moment that the mom type is becoming more widely known.

According to Urban Dictionary, this is what a unicorn mother is:

Whereas the tiger mom pushes her child to greatness, and the helicopter mom hovers around her child all the time, and the crunchy mom who loves natural living, the unicorn mom is upfront, funny and honest.

Mumcentral describes them as not always giving a sh*t, but giving certain sh*ts. “They care about their kids, their families, their personal lives. They just don’t care for the politics that comes with parenting their kids, taking care of their families and living their personal lives.

They like to have fun and chill, preferably with an alcoholic beverage.

They don’t judge, they admit their flaws, they know they’re not perfect – and they’re totally fine with that. You might find them hiding out in the bathroom, or hiding their chocolate their chocolate so the kids don’t find it. And they don’t apologise for this, nor feel bad.

There’s also a Unicorn Moms Facebook page, that’s described as this:

“Unicorn Moms is an exclusive social community online that comes together to give and get the real scoop on anything and everything, from the miracle benefits of coconut oil and breast milk, to how many shots of tequila it takes to ovulate. We complain, compliment and have compassion. We have bad mouths and yes we do kiss our kids with it. We might be a little crazy, but we understand it’s all in good fun. This is not a community for the meek or easily offended.”

There’s even a Unicorn Moms Instagram account and some of it is hilarious. Find it here.

And just Google Unicorn Mom merchandise or goods – you’ll find some awesome stuff (international for now).

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