Kids will love Burger King’s Dino Cards (PS: they also come to “life” via augmented reality)

April 6, 2018


What do you get when you buy a Burger King JR Meal? Well, for starters you get a kids’ meal (which is also great for adults who aren’t that hungry, BTW) – a burger, cheese burger or nuggets, with fries and a drink.

What you also get is a pack of three Dino Cards, which feature a dinosaur, some stats about the dinosaur, plus an interesting “Guess what?” fact. But wait… there’s more. These cards come to life through Augmented Reality technology when you use an app.

The app is free to download (you can also download in Burger King stores using the free wifi), and works on phones and tablets for iOS and Android. When you open the app and scan the picture of the dinosaur, an 3D animated model of each dinosaur is added onto the real-world surroundings.

Here’s our dinosaur on my coffee table and couch (we had so fun playing around with this – it was also hilarious watching the dinosaur come to life on our Labrador)…

Not only are the dinosaurs animated, but users can also use the app to hear what they would have sounded like, how to pronounce their names and learn more about each dinosaur in the extra fun facts section.

There are 25 dinosaur cards to collect, and there are some well-known dinos such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus, and some lesser-known such as Doedicurus and Dilophosaurus. They make for great “edutainment” and are must-have collectors’ cards with a twist.

Here’s a reminder of how it works:

1. Head to your closest Burger King
2. Buy any Burger King Junior Meal
3. Get a pack of the collectible BK Dino cards
4. Scan and unlock your BK Dinos
5. Collect all 25 BK Dino Cards

For more info, head to the Burger King website, or follow them on Facebook.

Download the app for iOS or Google Play.

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