A new online service could change your life (seriously. And no, this is not a clickbait post)

April 26, 2018

I consider myself fairly organised, but with two kids and other balls to keep juggling (fulltime job, blog, running and studying French), there are occasional drops. Like forgetting to buy toothpaste, or peanut butter, or nappy cream, or flowers for a friend’s birthday.

And then there are things I need to get that I don’t see coming, and which usually come last minute. These could be anything from a bakerman day at school, or a charity event at my son’s school for which he needs bread and non-perishable groceries. Or my favourite: “Your child needs more pens and kokis – please can you ensure you have these by tomorrow”.

It’s often difficult to leave work to take care of these things, especially if I have back-to-back meetings or commitments, and having to do any shopping after work leaves less time to spend with my kids, for whom I’m shopping.

But, wait for it… there’s a new online service, OneCart, from which you can order from Pick n Pay, Woolworths, DisChem, Mr Pet, Fitchef and OneCart Bottles. Having a dinner party and you forgot the candles and Chardonnay? Need paper and kokis for your kid’s project? Need a bottle of bubbly to celebrate something awesome? Did you run out of food for Fido? OneCart is there for you. You can also do your bigger monthly or weekly shopping with OneCart – the service is not just for last-minute items. Plus, you can set your preferred time of delivery.

Aside from the convenience, you’re also saving on time (driving, parking, looking for the items, and standing in queues), so that you can spend more time on the other things that matter – you, your family and your work.

And lest you think that you need to order a day or more in advance… it will actually take them two hours as once your order is in, a concierge shopper will personally do the shopping for you, so that you’re not delayed by store deliveries, and you really can shop last-minute. So yes, that’s two hours to get those nappies, painkillers, flowers, tampons, bread, milk and more delivered.

The site is easy to navigate, it’s simple to order, and there are no huge hoops to jump through – it’s pretty much like ordering from any online store.

I asked the OneCart team some questions, as this service sounded a little too good to be true:

What is the cost of delivery? Is there a minimum spend? Can one order from two, three or four shops at one time?

There’s a R55 flat rate delivery fee regardless of the number of stores. The minimum spend is R150, and you can order from all stores in one shopping order with no extra charges.

Is the service only available in Joburg for now? Are there plans to expand?

Currently we deliver throughout JHB north east (Randburg – Sandton – Norwood – Linksfield – Edenvale – Bedfordview and all suburbs between). We are xpanding delivery to JHB South and Pretoria East at the beginning of June, and the Western Cape in October. We will reach Durban next year.

What hours is the service available?

We deliver Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, and on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

For Dischem, can the shoppers pick up scripts?

Coming soon!

Is there really no markup on products?

No, but prices may differ from in-store prices due to frequent price changes from retailers.


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    This is a dream!

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