Hot on my shelves: the products I’ve been trying – and loving

May 4, 2018

What’s hot in my life? Read below…

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source

The reason why my Crabtree & Evelyn products last so long is not because I don’t use them regularly, but because I use them so sparingly as I don’t want them to finish, plus they feel too fancy to use generously.

The La Source range isn’t any different, and I almost didn’t want to take these products out their beautiful boxes, let alone use them! But obviously the lure of the smells (and this range has the the most incredible smell) and pampering ahead won, and I very happily indulged in their Hydra Marine Nourishing Oil (R750), Triple Milled Soap with Shea Butter (R120, or R300 for a box of three), and Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy (from R120).

As usual, my skin felt wonderful with these products, and this hand cream is my everything, especially in winter. One year, I battled with dry and chapped hands and bleeding knuckles (sorry for the overshare),  and nothing could soothe them, not even Vaseline and gloves while I slept. I started using this, together with the hand scrub, and my hands were pretty much transformed. There’s not a winter that I don’t turn to either the scrub or the cream.

If you’re looking for a stunning Mother’s Day for yourself, point your loved ones in the direction of Crabtree & Evelyn.

You can buy Crabtree & Evelyn at their standalone stores, or at DisChem. There are other products in the La Source range such as body mist, body lotion and body scrub. For more info, head to their website.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Barrier Defence Booster and Calm Water Gel

Everyone seems to be raving about this new powerful pair from Dermalogica, specifically for sensitive skins. I don’t always have a sensitive skin, but my face flares up after running and a hard session at gym, and while it’s never uncomfortable, I look too red for my liking, and it takes a few hours to subside (it’s not just a “I have exerted myself and am pink the face. It’s a “I’ve exercised and my face is a mess and I have to cover up A LOT).

Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Barrier Defence Booster and Calm Water Gel are meant to soothe, moisturise and prevent further flare-ups.

The Calm Water Gel is  a weightless water-gel moisturiser, and very hydrating. I use this in the morning and at nighttime, and my skin feels soft and smooth, which is to be expected from something that hydrates well, right? Key ingredients here are hyaluronic acid, apple fruit and glycerine, and cactus pear, which together hydrate, lock in moisture, and balance the skin.

The Barrier Defense Booster is a lightweight oil that also soothes and moisturises, and aims to restore balance to sensitive skin. I love oils and this was lovely to use.

After using the gel and booster after exercise in the morning, my skin definitely looked calmer, which can be attributed to the use of the products the night before. I’m particularly excited to use this during the Joburg winter, when my skin is in need of extra moisturising.

These products are not cheap: the gel is R890, and the booster is R1 220. You only need to use a little bit of product on your skin for it to feel moisturised and good, so they can go the distance. I’d suggest you try some before you buy some, and go to a Dermalogica store for sampling and advice. At the Dermalogica stores too, you can get a skin mapping session to determine what products are best suited for your skin types and concerns. Click here for more info on where to find one.

You can also find Dermalogica products online, or from stockists nationwide.

Pukka Teas

To be honest, I drink herbal teas for their health benefits, but rather for their taste, and that they might have therapeutic or healing benefits is a big bonus.

Organic Pukka teas not only taste wonderful, but they’re said to promote wellness and balance, depending on what variety you’re drinking. Again, I go for taste, and there is nothing quite as comforting for me as brewing a pot of tea, and drinking it from my pink Le Creuset mug. And maybe a biscuit on the side. Okay, two biscuits.

You’ll have a hard time picking a Pukka with so many varieties. Some standouts are Refresh (peppermint, licorice and rose organic), Relax (chamomile, fennel and marshmallow), After Dinner (fennel, chicory and cardamom) and Love (rose, chamomile and lavender).

Also look out for Detox, Cleanse, Night Time, Motherkind Pregnancy and Womankind… I really could go on and on.

Pukka Teas are available at select DisChem, Wellness Warehouse, Spar and health shops, for around R100 a box of 20 teabags. For more info, head to Harrewyn Organics, the local distributors of Pukka teas.


Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Full-Coverage Concealer

Good news if you’re wanting your makeup to go the mile from morning to night – Urban Decay has launched the All Nighter waterproof full-coverage concealer. With my undereye circles and pigmentation, it’s a welcome relief to come home looking almost the same as I did when I left home that morning (albeit a little more haggard owing to the stress of the day).

The concealer is easy to apply (use a brush or dab with a finger) and blend, and it comes in 14 shades. If you’re like me and can’t always identify your right foundation or concealer shade, then just head to one of their stores to get an expert match. There are 14 shades to choose from, and each costs R400. They’re available from Urban Decay stores, and online at Foschini.

Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpastes

I can’t vouch for Elgydium being an effective tooth decay fighter (I’d need to assess my kids’ teeth over time for that), but its two key ingredients fluorinol and siliglycol are apparently good for keeping teeth healthy, and if brushing is done frequently and correctly, your child stands a better chance of avoiding the dentist’s drilling.

I can vouch for the great tastes though (yes, I did brush my teeth with them) – Red Berries, and Banana for 2-6 year olds, and Bubblegum for 7-12 year olds.

Elgydium Kids and Junior toothpastes are free of parabens too. They’re available at DisChem and selected Clicks stores, as well as some independent pharmacies and dental practices, from around R54,95.

Matsimela Vanilla Sandalwood Bath Soak

If you haven’t tried or bought Matsimela products, you’re missing out on a beautifully smelling, hard working, and affordable local range. You can expect creams, scrubs and bath fizz balls and more, and this vanilla sandalwood bath soak (R75) smells incredible and elevates bathtime (don’t worry Capetonians – there is plenty for you guys too).

You can buy online or at their spas (details here).

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