Want to edit & create stunning design elements without having been on a course? Here’s how

May 10, 2018

We’re getting creative these days. We’re designing our own invitations, creating business cards, and making awesome social media elements. As a blogger who is sometimes lazy (okay, I’m often lazy) on the design side, I’m grateful for tools that help me create pretty things without having to master Photoshop, or go on a design course.

There are some online tools that some of us are using, but they’re limited, and many designs start looking the same – in the last few months I’ve spotted the same template about four times, and there’s just a too-familiar feel about many designs.

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed the incredible flatlays and images on this blog, and, spoiler alert if you haven’t yet noticed, I didn’t take them! They come from the incredible photo library Shutterstock, which we used to use in my magazine days, and which hundreds of website and publications use today.

I’ve recently started playing around with their¬†Shutterstock Editor, which is basically a built-in photo editor that lets you create beautiful social media elements, invitations, personal branding, and anything design-related, really.

What makes it brilliant is that you can use one of the library’s images (there are tens of thousands), and take it from there – resizing, adding a filter if you wish, and adding text and other images if and where you want.

It’s easy to use, and the only “struggle” I had, and which I often battle with when designing things, is choosing. What image? What font? What colour? What placement? What size? The variety and options on Shutterstock Editor doesn’t make my design choices easier, but it’s a way to explore what I can do, create more, learn more, and produce pretty things that look original.

In about 10 minutes and with just a tad of indecision, here’s what I played around with. Granted, these aren’t award-winning designs and they’re quite rudimentary given the time that I gave. However, I know that the more I play around, the better my stuff will become…

The inspirational quote…

The invitation idea…


The love for coffee quote…


The random blog post announcement…

The wisdom…

Shutterstock prices vary, depending on how many images you’re using. You can also get tailor-made packages. For more info, head here.


Feature image of brunch invitation: Shutterstock

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