Hot hot hot boardgames and games this season (perfect for winter family time!)

July 19, 2018


Last weekend, tired of our gadgets and TV (even though we had just upgraded this), I decided that we should all down tech tools, and go back to basics, and the things that made my childhood so wonderful – games and boardgames. It’s not like we never do this, or that my kids don’t play games, but to have a weekend just with games and no remote controls felt like a wonderful family bonder.

I have kids aged eight and almost two, so it’s not like we can all get together and play Wikipedia, but, our TV room was turned into a games room for a weekend, and everyone got to play with what they love. Popcorn and hot chocolate were served all day, and it was just wonderful to chill out for a lot of the weekend, and play games (the parents caught up on a lot of reading too).

My son tried out the Rubik’s Speed Cube for the first time, which is not just about getting all the colours in order, but about breaking up all the pieces, and putting it back together. It’s quite tricky, but it’s fun, though I’m barely skilled at anything Rubik’s, so I’ll leave this to him (when I was a child and stumped on how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, I simply removed all the stickers, and stuck them so they would all align).

The Speed Cube is suitable for kids eight and up, and it’s customisable, so that you can change the tension to fit small and big hands. The idea is to dissemble the cube and put it back together as quickly as possible, and it’s a great game for problem solving and beating your best.



games and boardgames games and boardgames

If you’re keen too on some quality time playing games with the family, whether it’s all together (depending on their ages) or just alongside the kids and their games, Prima Toys has introduced their Games Festival, to encourage getting friends and family together. You could play them at home by the heater, or at a Sunday picnic, or bring them out for your next moms’ bookclub (don’t worry – you can still drink the wine!).

The festival encourages games for all ages, and traditional ones such as Rummikub and Snakes & Ladders, and newer ones like King Pong, Boomblast and Flipside.

Parents with toddlers can look forward to products such as Frozen matching game, Peppa Pig Dominoes and the hugely anticipated L.O.L. Surprise Game.

Here’s what’s included on the Games Festival list:

For toddlers and children

  • Twist & Turn
  • Disney 4 in 1 Game
  • Frozen Matching Game
  • Frozen Activity Packs
  • Lion Guard Surprise Slides
  • Lion Guard Matching Game
  • Peppa Pig Dominoes
  • Disney junior Surprise Slides
  • Minnie Play & learn educational game
  • Disney Princess Brainstorm
  • Sofia the First my nail studio
  • L.O.L. Surprise Game
  • L.O.L. Puzzle


For teenagers

  • Flipside
  • Boomblast
  • Kingpong
  • Rubik’s Cube

Family Games

  • Wikipedia
  • 20 Questions
  • Rummikub
  • Hotel Tycoon
  • Anti-Monopoly


For more information go to or #Primagamesfest @Primatoys

PS: Look out for a great Prima Toys giveaway next week!

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