Products of the week: Australian skincare brand MooGoo (it’s amoozing)

July 27, 2018

An “amoozing” range of products, MooGoo, was recently sent my way, and so far, I’m “udderly” enjoying them.

Though every product is packaged with a picture of a cow, the products aren’t in fact made from cow’s milk, but rather are symbolic of MooGoo’s first cream, which was based on a balm used in dairy farms to help keep cow’s udders healthy and supple. MooGoo’s founder, Craig Jones, discovered that his mom was using this product to help her psoriasis, and so he reformulated the product in his Australian, and thus MooGoo was born, which now has more than 30 products for hair, skin, teeth, babies and sun.


There are two things I can recommend when it comes to the products: firstly, head to the website and browse the products and the awesome names and packaging, and secondly, look for reviews on any of the MooGoo range. I spent a lot of time doing both before I started using the products, and I fell for names such as moothpaste and udder cream and the shopping cart called “milk pail”.

The testimonials are incredible, and people swear by their products for everything from eczema and psoriasis to acne and discolouration, and there are some really interesting stories about viral sales owing to eczema success stories. Since my skin is so dodgy at the moment, having flared up recently, I have Blemish Cleansing Cream in my “milk pail” (shopping cart), along with the Super Vitamin C Serum.

What I’m loving though is the antiperspirant, which I feared would be too “natural” to work effectively, but which does the job. We’re also fans of the Natural Mini Moo Bubbly Wash, gentle enough for my toddlers eczema-prone skin.


All products are available online, and start from around R99 and go up to R449 for something more specialised like the serum.


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