Pledging open for the Santa Shoebox campaign

August 2, 2018

I know many of you support the Santa Shoebox Project, which collects and distributes thousands of your generous gift boxes to disadvantaged children around South Africa and Namibia (in 12 years, they’ve reached 762 594 children).

Pledges for the boxes have opened, so you can sign up, and pledge a box to a baby, toddler, school child or teen who needs it.

There are 115 000 kids needing your boxes, so there’s a lot of heart and charity needed to get there (don’t assume others will do it so that you don’t have to). Your box, filled with toiletries, toys and treats becomes a much appreciated, needed and treasured gift for your recipient, and I’ve heard that in most cases, the children keep their decorated boxes for years to come.

If you’ve never taken part, you can sign up from the 1st at the Santa Shoebox website. You can choose a gender and age of your recipient, and you can choose one or more boxes to prepare. You also need to select the dropoff point that’s closest to you. The site will have instructions and tips on how to choose gifts, and how to pack your box, and I’ve always found it quite an enjoyable process choosing things for “my” kids, and even decorating the boxes.

It that’s not your thing, you can volunteer your time instead, make a financial donation, or buy a virtual shoebox, the contents of which are chosen and packed by someone else. I did this two years ago when I had my baby to free up my time – I ordered online from Pick n Pay, and they did the rest (I see that you can now buy a virtual box on the website).

To keep up to date of what’s happening, follow the Santa Shoebox Project on Facebook.



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